Window Repair & Replacement Guidelines

VACCA Windows Repair and Replacement Guidelines

Inasmuch as VACCA has responsibility for virtually all of the windows in the Village, it is the policy of VACCA to have all windows in good condition. Windows will be repaired or replaced as necessary to maintain the safety and health of residents, the integrity of buildings, and the good appearance of the community. To that end VACCA has established the following to guide the repair and replacement of windows in the Village. It is also the intent of these guidelines to ensure that non-emergency window replacements proceed in a fair and equitable manner.

  • 1
    ​​A Work Request is required for any window repair or replacement unless initiated by B&R.
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    ​For replacement the first priorities are windows with broken or cracked glass, windows that have non-repairable function, windows causing rot or other damage to a unit, or any other severe condition the B&R Committee identifies. These windows will be deemed “emergency” and replaced as soon as possible. A Work Request is required to have these issues addressed unless initiated by B&R.
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    ​Windows with broken seals (cloudy) or other non-emergency issues will be replaced as part of an annual project typically scheduled for late spring or early summer to the extent budgeted for. Any non-emergency backlog remaining after the annual project will be addressed as part of the budget process. To be included as part of the annual project windows must be identified by either the owner by means of a Work Request or by the B&R Committee.
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    ​The annual window replacement project will generally follow the phasing of the Village painting project but may somewhat lag or proceed ahead depending upon budget considerations.
  • 5
    ​For windows included as part of an annual project, a B&R Committee member will contact owners to arrange a specific day/time to inspect and discuss with owner what window(s) need to be addressed and why.
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    ​To the extent possible windows to be replaced will be replaced with windows of a similar style and functionality. Windows will not be replaced for cosmetic reasons. This may be altered at the request of the owner (if approved by B&R) as long as it maintains a consistent look across the community. For example, an owner may want triple pane windows to address noise issues which may be approved provided the owner pays for any cost difference.
  • 7
    ​Except for emergency situations, owners will be notified not less than one week before window replacement is scheduled for their unit. Owners are responsible for making their units accessible for window installation including moving any furniture required to allow the work
  • 8
    ​VACCA is not responsible for any interior painting following window replacement.
  • 9
    Replacement of windows not scheduled for replacement may be addressed at the expense of the owner. Owner shall complete a Work Request form briefly outlining the windows they would like to have replaced acknowledging the style and appearance will follow the provisions of these guidelines. Subject to B&R Committee and VACCA Board review and approval the B&R Committee will notify the owner of the approval and the authorized contractor to be used. The owner will arrange directly with the contractor to perform the installation and the owner will be responsible for all costs thereby incurred.List Element

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