Prepare for Winter

Prepare for Winter

Before a winter storm blows into our area, here are some safety reminders and ways to help our neighbors.

Your house.
*Insert the styrofoam plugs into your foundation’s vents.
*Shut off and drain any outside water spigots.
*Change out or have batteries available in case of power outage.
*Top off your oil, propane or other fuel you may need.
*Get your groceries and medical needs purchased now instead of later.
*Service/test your generator or alternative power source.
*Ensure you have fuel for any alternative power source.
*Keep your gutters and drainage areas clean and clear to allow the proper flow of water.
*DO NOT BBQ or use a generator inside your house; carbon monoxide will kill you.
*Charge your cell phone. If you have an emergency, call 911.

Your Vehicle.
*Fuel your vehicle up and keep at least a half tank of gas at all times.
*Clean off snow and/or ice from the vehicle.
*Don’t drive in bad weather unless you have to do so.
*Give yourself extra time, so you aren’t rushed.
*SLOW DOWN, most vehicle collisions are related to speeds too fast for conditions.
*Overpasses, bridges and roadways that are open underneath will freeze first.
*Have a cell phone charger in your car.
*Put together an emergency kit in your vehicle: hat, gloves, boots, jacket, flashlight, flares, shovels, and some snack food and water.

*Stay away from downed power lines. To view a good handout on what to do if you are confronted with downed power lines, go to the City of Bellingham’s website:

Map Your Neighborhood in action: Get to know your neighbors and have a plan to help those who need it. Being prepared helps your neighbors, family, and first responders (Police and Fire). It also makes winter a more enjoyable time for everyone.