Incident Reports


Incident Description


11/23/18 Multi-garage entry and and car rifling: During the night, unlocked garage outside people-doors at 1339B East Village Ln. (Mangus), 1379 East Village Ln. (Goodnight), 4866B North Village Ln. (Clarke), 4877B North Village Ln (Allen), and 4868A North Village Lane (Osborne) were entered and the resident’s unlocked cars rifled, (car doors, glove boxes, and trunks were left open to let one know they’d been there). Nothing of value was taken. Similar incidents occurring in the North Bellingham area suggest to police that these were quick prowls for drugs and money. 

 911 call info thus far: Officer Ty Elmendorf (case number 18B-70230), Officer T. Reed (case numbers 18B70451 and 18B70453, and Officer A. Lyons (case number 18B70330 with fingerprints).


  • Lock people-doors to the garage at night, regardless of whether the doors are accessed from the inside or outside of the house.
  • Lock cars parked inside or outside of the garage.
  • If the garage is accessed outside the house consider installing a deadbolt keyed to the house key.
  • Don’t keep door openers where they are visible in the car.
  • If you see that you’ve been broken into, call 911 before you touch anything. They might want to take fingerprints.
  • When you call 911, ask to speak to an officer. We’ve had poor results being shunted to online reporting. Please get the officer’s nameand the case number, and call Bob Rose (360-758-2541).
  • 11/13/18

    Deck chair theft: Carol Haselden (4409B Village Dr) returned from an extended vacation and eventually noticed that two of her deck chairs were missing. She reported this to 911 where she was told to report it online. The online site was non-functioning so she reported it to our neighborhood police officer, Officer Alexander  [email protected], who emailed her that her report was documented. The link is a good one to keep in case you need it.


    Garage break-in and rummage: Sometime during the night, Naomi Degolier (4039 A Village Dr) had her garage (garage door access­­ external to the house­­––D1 unit) and car broken into and rummaged. There was nothing of value taken, not even the garage door opener, which was on the visor. In fact, an old red hair dryer (not Naomi’s) was left on the car seat by the burglar (from an earlier job?). Naomi was sure that the door was closed and locked, but the Police were able to open the old door lock with a credit card. 911 was called (officer___, case number 18B67666). Officer Vodopitch later came to take fingerprints.


    Trespass and theft: At approximately 3:00 AM, Susan Kolan (4858B N. Village Lane) noted that her motion sensor light was going off and on. Later that morning, she discovered that her 100-foot-long hose had been cut at midpoint and the distal one half, including an attached water wand, had been stolen. No other obvious damage was noticed. 911 was called. (Officer Nelson, Case number 18B1288). Susan was told that they would increase their surveillance of the area, particularly her corner. 


    Car Prowl: Returning home at 4:30 AM Greg Young and his mother Pat (4259 A Village Drive) noted an older white Honda Accord following them down Village Drive from the clubhouse. When he reached home, Greg saw that the following car had paused to check out a white Nissan Rogue SUV, belonging to Kristine Kincaid (4355A Village Dr.), the hatchback of which had been inadvertently left open. Greg shouted at the car’s occupants and the vehicle left the Village with Greg in pursuit. He obtained the license plate number and reported it to 911, but as he parked at his home again, he noted that the suspicious car had returned to Kristine’s SUV. Fortunately, the Police told Greg to stand down, arrived promptly, and notified Kristine of the open hatchback, so no harm was done. The worrisome car left the Village, but fortunately the police have its license plate number. (case # 18B60465, Officer Longbottom)


    Car snatch and grab:At approximately 12:30 AM, a Saturday morning, Toni Swanson (4874 A N Village Ln) heard the sound of a close by car and looked out the window to see a what appeared to be a male trying car doors in the neighborhood. He was able to enter unlocked doors on the Sessoms’ (4871B N Village Ln) SUV and on the Funk’s (4881A Village Ln) auto as well. The cars’ glove boxes were rifled, but nothing was taken from the vehicles, not even the garage door openers. No car was seen by anyone, but it was probably in a getaway position. A pickup truck at the Whitmyer’s (4868B Village Ln) was tried but the doors were all locked. 911 was called and the police responded (Case # 18B53583, Officer Lyons).


    Car snatch and grab:One of Vacca’s painter’s unlocked car was entered and a set of keys, including the car key, a Bluetooth speaker, and a phone charger were stolen from the front seat area. The car was parked in the clubhouse parking lot, adjacent to the VACCA sign. This occurred in a four-hour period after 9:00 am. Though it’s been requested, no incident report number or officer’s name have been reported as yet.  


    Garage Burglary: Returning from a two-day holiday, Nettie Jungers (4201A Village Dr.) found the “people-door” of her B unit (non-house connected) garage open and the garage rifled. She thinks she locked the door, but the door is not always pulled shut, according to her daughter. Frame-door relationship seemed OK. Three or four bottles of wine were stolen from her wine fridge and a drill set, a box of tools, and a garage door opener were taken as well. Several items, including some from her car, were in a grocery shopping bag left on the garage floor (burglers scared off?). 911 was called: Case #18B25164, Officer Crawford.


    Slashed Convertible Top: The convertible top of a locked Mini-Cooper, parked overnight in front of 1202B W. Village Lane (Adams), was slashed and the car’s interior was rifled, but nothing of value was removed. 911 was called (case #18B18532.)


    Two Snatch and Grabs (mostly in the words of Bubs Kroll––parentheses mine): Today, around 6 pm a youngish couple walked into 2 open garage doors at 4630A (Reardanz) & 4625A (DiSanza) Village Dr. and removed residents belongings (Removing a lasagna pan, car keys and business office garage door opener from the Reardanz and a non-working drill from the Disanzas, bypassing more valuable items).  They appeared to be in their early 20's, both white.  She had blond hair pulled back in a bun, lime green jacket with a hot pink tote bag, he had brown wavy hair, black puffy coat, black loose shorts, and a khaki back pack.  Both were average to slim in build.The police were called immediately (case report #18B125, Officer Livovchenko) and were here within minutes, however did not locate the pair).  We all thought they might have cut to the trail behind the RV lot.  The woman was the lookout and stayed by the curb while the male entered the garages. 

    According to the police this is becoming more and more of an occurrence around town, and is more blatant each day.

     (The Disanzas said that they had a window broken in their truck––parked out front––six months ago and two working drills were stolen, but this was not reported to me or the police.)


    Dig and Grab: Sometime in the last week of January, Dan Keller (4310B Village Dr.) had a Variegated False Holly plant, only in the ground six months, dug up and stolen from the Village Drive side of his house. I know this has happened elsewhere in the city, but it’s the first I have heard about in the village. Officer Alexander was notified but has not responded with a case number.


    Hooded Interloper: (Sunday about 10:00am) Greg Young, Pat Young’s (4259A Village drive) son, encountered a scruffy looking white male, wearing black clothes with a hoodie, in front of the Village Drive entrance to the RV lot. After a heated exchange, during which the man claimed he just “wandered in by mistake,” and Greg accused him of being “homeless” and “casing the joint,” he disappeared via the Division Street Trail. About 10:00pm, Greg’s dogs started barking and something hit the house. A few small rocks were seen on the deck the next morning and Greg postulates that they were thrown from the adjacent trail. This has not happened since. (911 call info pending) 


    Car Prowl and theft: Paul Gray, (4630B Village Dr.), had his garage door opener, some coins, a phone charger, and a hammer stolen from his car (noticed 9/5/17).  He’s not sure if the car was locked, but a window was very slightly down. No damage. 9/13/17: Called 911 (Officer Starkovich case # 17B49351).


    Addendum to RV lot breakin: Presumably part of the same heist, Bob Reynolds had his covered and locked truck’s battery, and attached external charger, stolen from his covered pickup truck, the cover being replaced so as to appear undisturbed.  The battery cables were cut.  911 report to Officer Keller, case # 17B25321.


    RV lot break-in:  Thieves broke into the northwest corner of the RV lot by apparently crawling under a loose fence repair from a previous break-in.  Several items were tossed over the fence (three ladders, two batteries, a wheelbarrow a portable barbeque and a tub of odds and ends) but Todd’s adjacent storage trailerwas not forced open.  The largest ladder, a 32’ extension ladder, was carried across the division street trail and up a trail connector toward Silverbell Way but it and the portable barbeque were discarded by the trail and recovered. In fact, Todd’s crew recovered most items that had been thrown over the fence.  Sunny McCormickhad several items taken from his trailer exterior, including one of the two batteries and the Bar-B-Que, during the break-in.  Roy Teetersays there were two shovels and a post hole digger stolen from the RV lot shed. There were no obvious RV break-ins though they’d tried to pry open the Carter’s RV’s Door.  The relationship of the incident to an observation of a man running down Village Dr. toward the RV lot at midnight is uncertain.  911 was notified: (Officer Landry, case# 17B19356). 


    Bike Stolen from garage: In a fifteen-minute window, around 4:30-5:00AM in the morning, a new bicycle was stolen from Randy Osborn’s garage (4220B Village Dr).  The garage door was open and Randy had just gone back into the house for coffee. 5/04/17: Reported to 911: (Officer Lyons, case# 17B19010


    Windows broken by thrown rocks: Claire Gatter (4878A North Village Lane) and David Hutton (4874B North Village Lane) each had a window facing June Road broken by a thrown rock.  This was apparently part of a merry vandal event, fueled by booze and cannabis, that resulted in many broken windows through much of the north part of the city.  Fortunately, the main culprit is in police custody. (Larry’s info says he was caught on Northwind Circle in the Village at Cordata North).  Both incidents were reported to 911 (Officers Stokes, case 17B15701, and Jones, case 17B1574) and Stan got our painter, Scott, to board up the windows until they can be replaced.


    RV lot’s west fence was cutand Rita Frisk, the Carters,and the McCormicksrigs were broken intolast evening: Rita Frisk had her RV’s dashboard radio, two pairs of binoculars, a portable GPS and a Taser stolen. The thieves gained access through an unlockable side window, tore a window blind getting in and rummaged through the whole rig.  Rita called 911 and later talked to an officer.  

    Jim and Mary Carter had a tarp on their boat cut but the boat’s glass was not broken.  Nothing was taken.  911 was called. Walter and Katherine McCormick’s RV was entered and tossed but nothing was taken.  The door was left open but did not appear to be forced. 911 was not called.


    Reported Theft––Article Found: Mary Jane Hashisaki called 911 because of a suspected theft of a tool box from its usual place in her house (1205A W Village Lane). The box was apparently found later in an unusual location, a hammer the resident had not used being found on top of it.  She said she suspects prowlers, which she is sure have been in her house before.


    Ladder and hose theft from RV lot (daytime): Jim Carter reports that three or four days ago, two extension ladders were stolen in broad daylight from the RV lot. One was 20 feet long and the other 12 feet.  The longer ladder was on brackets and the brackets were stolen as well.  A 50-foot length of hose was also taken.  After checking to be sure that Todd or Danielle hadn’t needed these for a project, Jim called 911 (Sgt Johnson).   


    Van ransacked: Ron Kowalski’s unlocked van, parked in front of his home (1427B E. Village Ln.), was ransacked during the night, though apparently nothing was taken.   Ron reported the incident to 911.


    Car Prowl and Burglery: :  Nettie Jungers had her car broken into in front of her 4201A Village Dr. home.  Though the car doors were locked, one window was cracked three inches or so, allowing entry.  A check book and a Fred Meyer Visa card, present in the vehicle, were stolen. Fortunately, Nettie cancelled the cards as soon as she discovered the theft but the vandals apparently used her card multiple times, starting at 3:00 in the morning.  Nettie reported the break-in to 911, Officer Shannon, who hoped he could get some security camera footage from Fred Meyer to help catch the culprits.


    Reported skateboarder to 911, Officer Roorcinga (sp?).  He said that skateboarders often have earphones in and can’t hear, but the fact that he sped up makes that unlikely.  He also said that they often won’t stop for police either, unless they’re chased, and that’s not recommended.   He suggested that we might look into closing off the “shortcut” to the trail which would make being on Village Drive less inviting and the skateboarder’s continuing presence more likely a “casing of the place.” 


    7/02/16:Lone Skateboarder: In front of my (Bob Rose) Village Drive home (4711B) I saw, and attempted to talk to, a somewhat unkempt 18 to 20 y/o male with black hair and a short black scruffy beard. He was dressed in dark clothes and had a dark backpack. When challenged, he immediately sped up and passed out of view to the south.  It is presumed that this is the same skateboarder that Larry Allen saw heading south on the sidewalk connecting June Road to Village Dr.  Larry couldn’t get his attention.  Carol Haselden challenged him just after I did and then saw him rapidly exit the property through the Ron Beall backyard access to the Division Street Trail.  Dottie Wienkers and Jim Sands have reported seeing a similar skateboarder on Village Dr. in the past.  Jim’s sighting was at night.


    Vandals smashed the lens of the Vacca light fixture: : It was noticed today that the lens, and the light tube, of the light fixture illuminating the Village at Cordata sign has been shattered by vandals.  This was reported to 911 (Officer Survyk).  Will contact building and roads/landscaping about having Danielle replace it.


    Chain link fence laceratedand RV broken into at woodshop: 8:40 AM Greg Roberts discovered that his RV had been broken into through a shattered side window. The door was left open to indicate that the inside had been searched but no obvious contents had been removed.  The miscreants had gained access to the RV/woodshop lot via a long vertical hole they had cut in the chain-link fence on the west side of the property adjacent to the Greg’s RV.   Greg reported the incident to 911 but received no call back.  I later (approx. 5:30 PM) reported the incident to Officer Chissus via 911 as well.  He asked me to have Greg---inasmuch as he was the injured party---report the incident again after 9:00 AM tomorrow, and ask 911 for an officer to talk to.  He should report the fence damage at that time as well.   He felt that a single report would be “cleaner?”

    Jim Carter and Greg were repairing the fence when Larry Allen and I checked the damage this afternoon.  Greg told me that the motion sensor lights will be checked out after dark tonight.