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Mar 23

2019.03.20 Annual Meeting Minutes

                MINUTES OF THE 2019 ANNUAL MEETING
                              MARCH 20, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Larry Allen, President of the Board. Present were Board members: John Eisenhardt, Claire Gatter, Katie Sherwood and Henry Mitchell and Lana Mills.

A motion was made to waive the reading the Minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting. It was seconded and carried.

On behalf of the Association, the Board would like to thank retiring Board member, Bob Rose for his years of service. Bob was instrumental in many of the improvements to our community.

The Association’s Operations and Maintenance account balance at the end of February was $34,534 and the Replacement Fund was at $163,394. (Reported by Lana Mills, Secretary)

Larry thanked the owners who worked on tonight’s voting process: Karen Jackson, Jackie Smith, Sheryl Allen, Ginger Hawley, Rita Frisk and Dorinka Williams. And a special thank you to Brenda Dennis for stepping in to oversee the whole thing in Helen Terpsma’s absence.

We welcome to the Village our newest owner, Martha Villa-Lovoz who has purchased 4350A Village Drive.

The Village is indebted to all our volunteers, our Committees, and our Board members. We thank you all.

Larry said many people in the Village, who don’t necessarily work on a Committee, greatly deserve our appreciation. Our unsung heroes who work behind the scenes: Ted Wagner keeps our garage, trail lights and VACCA sign lit and our flag flying. Matt Dennis also works on garage lights. Jim Stephens and Ron Kowalski cleaned and installed LED lights in the globe-style street lights at the clubhouse. Bruce Schieck replaces lights in the clubhouse and other repairs as needed.

To all those volunteers who do RV lot gate duty, thank you. Thank you, Ron Beall, for the EVN (emails), BJ Sherwood for her work on the Resident Directory, Sheryl Allen for our beautiful Village Voice newsletter and Verga Whittaker for maintaining the clubhouse library.

Thank you, Brenda Dennis, for your work on Emergency Preparedness and keeping up with the snowbirds. We are grateful to Pat Hood and Toni Whitmyre for bringing in supplies and Jim Rhone and Sunny McCormick for dealing with the garbage, to Barbara Fasser for decorating in the clubhouse, Pat Bergner for baking for the birthday parties and John Eisenhardt who shoveled the snow (with a snow shovel loaned by Bubs Kroll.)

These are just some of the people who keep VACCA one of the most popular 55+ complexes in Bellingham. Thank you to everyone not named above who help throughout the year with large and small tasks that keep our community beautiful and working smoothly.

The results of the election for three Board members were: Claire Gatter, Toni Whitmyre and Roy Teeter. Congratulations! The tax resolution also passed. 78 votes were submitted.

Larry thanked Verga for running for the Board and hopes she’ll do it again next year when three more positions will be open. She’d be a great addition to our team.

A motion was made to adjourn, seconded and passed at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary