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Jul 14

2019.07.11 Board Meeting Minutes

                               July 11, 2019

The meeting was called to order at ten a.m. by President Larry Allen. Board members present: John Eisenhardt, Claire Gatter, Dan Keller, Henry Mitchell, Katie Sherwood, Roy Teeter, Toni Whitmyer and Lana Mills. Also present were 18 residents.

The Minutes of last month’s meeting were approved as written.

Financial balances as of June 30 were: O&M $59,281.27 and the Replacement fund was $91,337.23 for a total of $150,618.50. We have received a long-owed refund of $45.00 from the IRS. The May in-house audit is complete.
*Chris Thumm stated as a member of the in-house audit committee he would like to have access to the VACCA Quickbooks. Toni volunteered to will look into a “read only” access.

Ted Wagner has submitted a work request to add soffitt lights to the eave on the north side of his condo. The work is to be done by Solo Electric. The Board will study his request.
The Board was asked to approve the addition of a cover over the entryway at Bob and Hope Rendleman’s unit at 4856B NVL. As the cover is in keeping with the others in the Village, a motion was made, and approved, to okay their cover.
Weather permitting, the painting of Phase III should be completed today. A walkthrough will follow next week.
The last three windows to complete Phase III are scheduled to be installed on July 24, 4550 (Christensen), 4425 (Beall) and 4630B (Grey).
*Larry reported that Dorothy McKenney has filed a claim with the VACCA insurance company for the broken window in the clubhouse.

CLUBHOUSE: Larry Allen
Larry reports that Jackie is requested bids from three cleaning companies to clean the upper regions of the clubhouse. She received one and is hoping to receive more.

There is one unit on the market (4600A Village Drive) and five rentals. The sale of 1230B EVL was scheduled to close on July 2. The new owner is Donna Pollman.


A demonstration of the use of a defibrillator will be given by our local Fire Department-Station 6 at the Emergency Preparedness Show and Tell Event in the clubhouse on July 24. The event opens at ten a.m. and the demo is scheduled at 11, barring an emergency call for the Fire Department. There will also be a demo on the use of a fire extinguisher.
Roy will demonstrate the use of a car panic button as a means of sounding an alarm from your home. Residents will be testing their car alarms throughout the day.

Todd’s newest employee, Miles, has been let go because of a difference in work ethic. Todd thought Miles needed to show up every day.
Pruning and cleanup is continuing with East Village Lane to start next week. Then they will start it all over. Some of the rhodys were skipped because they were in bloom so they will be done in the next round.

100% uptime, no issues. Paul thanks the volunteers.

SECURITY: Roy Teeter
In an effort to provide us with another access to the clubhouse, Roy is seeking to get a key/lock system for the outer door in the pool area. Recent malfunctions of the locking system on the front door proved that we need another way into the clubhouse. Roy is working with the lock company to repair the main door lock.
The recent burglary on Village Drive has been well documented and a copy of the incident is on the VACCA website.

RV LOT: No report

SOCIAL: No report

WEBSITE: Henry Mitchell
The website is up and running. One document required a change regarding the window guidelines.
Henry will post instructions for connecting to the clubhouse WiFi system upstairs in the clubhouse.

WELCOME: Katie Sherwood
One new owner was visited. Currently this committee is up-to- date.

WOODSHOP: Roy Teeter
The door lock on the woodshop is in working order. Roy has extra door keys for any owner who would like to have one. Just ask Roy.

Dan reports that the Reserve Study is complete. A hardcopy is available upstairs in the clubhouse. Ask Dan or Larry if you’d like an electronic copy. The planned visual presentation for all owners will be ready in a week or ten days.

The visitor parking issue has been resolved and the sign on NVL will be removed.

Larry would like to talk to anyone still feeding the squirrels. Feeding them is against VACCA rules and fines can be imposed if talking isn’t enough. Do not leave pet food outside. Traps are available in the woodshop.

A homeowner whose statue was broken in the Phase II painting project will be reimbursed $174. The painting contractor initially acknowledged responsibility but when asked to reimburse the owner denied responsibility. A motion was made for VACCA to repay the owner, it was seconded and carried with two no votes.

Linda Thumm cautions everyone that they had replaced all the hardware on their doors as they were original to the unit and had worn to the point of malfunctioning. If your hardware is old, you may want to consider replacing it. (Before the wind blows open your “locked” door)

Respectfully submitted

Lana Mills Secretary


Jun 18

2019.06.13 Board Meeting Minutes

JUNE 13, 2019

The meeting was called to order at ten a.m. by President Larry Allen. Present were Board members: John Eisenhardt, Claire Gatter, Dan Keller, Henry Mitchell, Katie Sherwood, Roy Teeter, Toni Whitmyre and Lana Mills. Twenty-four residents also attended.

The Minutes from last month’s Board meeting were approved as written.

The O&M fund at May 31, 2019 was $23,823.31 and the Replacement fund balance was $104,264.11 for a total of $128,087.42. Ron Beall has finished the in-house audit for April, 2019. When received, copies of the annual audit will be placed upstairs in the clubhouse for residents’ perusal.

John displayed a “guest parking” sign for the Board’s approval. He agreed to rework it as most felt it was too big and green print was preferred over the black. The cost for 17 signs is expected to be $300-400. Larry said he would like more input from the owners.
Next week, Cordova Construction will return to paint the entry doors in Phase III and the owner will do a walk-thru with John to check for any follow-up needed in the painting contract. Three new garage doors will also be painted.
In addition, three emergency replacement windows will be installed on Village Drive.
Peter is continuing to paint the trim on the newly installed windows.
Two bids have been received for replacing the broken clubhouse window above the library. Lyndale Glass quoted $4,500 + tax. Louis Auto Glass quoted $3,380 + tax. Tinted glass will add $700 to the cost to either bid. A window of that size is no longer available so it will be replaced in two panels. By making a claim on our insurance, we can bring the cost down to our deductible of $2,500 which means we could add the tint which will match the other windows. Larry will work with John and Dorothy McKenney (our resident insurance guru) on a claim.
Keith Lingbloom asked about the drainage problems on North Village Lane. John and Larry said now that Phase III is winding down, they expect to address that problem in August/September.
John is also looking into repairing our front sidewalks.
Larry reminded everyone that although installing and maintaining decks are the responsibility of the homeowner, major overhaul of a deck (including painting) must have approval by Building and Roads, after submitting a work request.
All VACCA windows belong to the Association and special permission is required if an owner wants to replace windows on their own.
Remember: Work requests must be submitted. Forms are available in the clubhouse.
CLUBHOUSE: No report

Five units are currently rented out. The Childs’ house on East Village has been sold to Donna Pollman and will close on July 2.
BJ Sherwood’s place on Village Drive will be going on the market in the near future.

The Committee is working on the July 24 “Show & Tell” exhibits which will be held from 10 to 2 p.m. Tables will be set up to display EP equipment and information. If you have any unique EP items and would like to share them, the Committee would be happy to add them to an exhibit.
The minutes of the last EP Committee meeting are pinned on the clubhouse bulletin board.


The crew is busy pruning the rhodys and have finished the RV lot driveway. They are currently on Village Drive heading to East Village. They are averaging three buildings a day.
Todd grass-seeded the lawns where two trees were recently removed. Sprouts are already visible.
Five deciduous azaleas have been removed due to azalea caterpillars. The caterpillars totally “deleaf” a shrub and it kills it. It happens pretty fast, but if you notice it happening, a soap and water bath usually stops them.
Someone continues to feed peanuts to the squirrels and crows. The shells are showing up all over the Village. The cost of repairing damage done by squirrels to attics and autos is extreme, as we have learned in the past. There are three live-traps available at the Woodshop.

Paul has renewed the permit which has gone up $41.00. When asked, he was told it was due to inflation and a “tech” fee. Paul thanked Ted Wagner for cleaning and vacuuming the pool area.

SECURITY: Roy Teeter
Roy thanked Bob Rose and Ron Kowalski for setting up an appointment this afternoon with the City to talk about the City’s plan for the trail along the west side of VACCA property.
A metal detector to identify our property line in that area was provided by Ken Bell.
Roy suggests if threatened or you suspect an intruder, use the panic button on your car key fob. Keep your car keys beside your bed at night and familiarize yourself with it so you can use it in the dark. Roy is suggesting that VACCA has a “toot your own horn” day on July 24 (coordinating with “Show and Tell”) to encourage residents to use their key fobs to set off (and on) their car alarms so they are better prepared in an emergency.

RV LOT: Dave Blackshaw
Roy, Paul and Dave suggest VACCA increase its fees to $20/month for RV lot rental space. The cost of electricity is $35/month in the summer and $75/month in the winter, plus the cost of garbage removal.
All vehicles in the lot must be operable and have a current license.
Signs are being made to identify each rented space by renter.
Dave is happy that six residents have signed up to be a new gate-keeper in the evening.

SOCIAL: Pat Hood
Thursday, June 20th Ice-Cream Social
Thursday, June 27 Out to Dinner at “The Fork”
 Sunday, June 30th Grill Out
Please check the sign-up sheets in the clubhouse for times and other information.
WEBSITE: No report
WELCOME: No report
WOODSHOP: No report

Dan Keller reports that the Board will be presented with the final Reserve Study report within the month and the VACCA community thereafter. A hardcopy of the report will be available upstairs in the clubhouse. Dan or Larry can email the report to anyone who’d like a copy online. Just ask.

Larry said that the Cordata Neighborhood Association reports that Phase I of the Cordata Park is underway and is expected to be complete in early 2020. Phase II will begin later in 2020.

Ted Wagner will be submitting a work request to install soffitt lights on his house.

Larry reports that the mail is so slow due to all the new housing around us and additional postal carriers have not yet been hired.

It was moved, seconded and passed to adjourn the meeting at 11:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary


May 12

2019.05.09 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

                               MAY 9, 2019

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Allen in the clubhouse at ten a.m. All Board members were present: John Eisenhardt, Claire Gatter, Dan Keller, Henry Mitchell, Katie Sherwood, Roy Teeter, Toni Whitmyre and Lana Mills. Fourteen residents attended.

The Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved as written.

The Association’s O&M fund at April 30 was $5,661.97 and the Replacement fund totaled $121,518.01 for a total of $127,179.99.
Committee Chairs have been given their budget reports. The annual audit is still in progress and they will file our income tax return. The auditor’s will ask the IRS to refund the $45.00 owed to us from years past which will clear it from our Balance Sheet.

As of today, the painters are painting the last three buildings in Phase III and those should be done by early next week. A walk-thru with the painters will be done and they will be making final touchups, tidying and any adjustments needed. Peter will be painting the exterior window trim next week. Homeowners are responsible for any interior trim paint. All exterior doors will be painted by the Cordova crew at the end of the project.
Five garage doors are scheduled to be here on May 29 and the window company with also return with the last 18 windows. The large window above the clubhouse library will cost about $2,500 and as windows of that size/shape are no longer available, it will be replaced in two parts.
At the end of September, John and the Lyndale rep will be doing an outside inspection of the windows in Phase III and an assessment of the windows needing replacement in next year’s Phase IV. Pat will send out an email. (John said it would be helpful if owners in Phase IV submit a work order before September, listing the windows they feel should be replaced in their unit next year.)
Brenda and Matt Dennis have received a new window that does not match the one beside it. The Board will review the Guidelines to find a solution. It was suggested that painting the trim on both windows may help.
The Board is looking into signage for all “visitor” parking places. John has found an aluminum, powder-coated sign that can be professionally painted and supplied for about $1,000 all in. Toni asked that we see a mock-up. A motion was made and seconded to allot the necessary funding.

CLUBHOUSE: Toni Whitmyre
The carpets were cleaned and Jackie was pleased with the company. She posted their card on the board in the poolroom. Thank you to Ken Bell for making brackets for the poolroom.

Six units are currently rented. The sale of the Tyne house at 4377B Village Drive has closed. The new owners are Dennis and Julie Fox who expect to move in at the end of this month. There are no other properties for sale at this time.
A discussion ensued about the anticipated parking problems with this Saturday’s estate sale at the Tyne unit. Roy said cones could be put in the curve near the Halliday house and a temporary hook will be placed on the gate to the RV lot. It is vital that emergency vehicles can get through.


The committee met and the report is on the bulletin board. A tentative date of July 24 has been scheduled for the “Show and Tell”.

The tree stumps will be ground on Friday for the two trees that were taken out. The area will be cleaned up, dirt added and seeded with grass.
Landscape has a limited budget for replacement shrubs which is why only dead or diseased shrubs will be removed. (Not all will be, based on the surrounding area.) If you choose to remove a healthy VACCA shrub, you must use plants from the “approved plant” list for replacement. Todd will not remove healthy plants.
Plant lists and work requests can be found across from the mailboxes.
Irrigation water will be on by Memorial Day. The City is turning on the meters this week, but it will take several days to get the system up and running. Last year there were 42 breaks in the lines; this year will likely be higher because of the hard winter.

100% up-time. New placards for CPR and pool and spa signs have been installed. Some foam still appearing and being dealt with. Paul encourages everyone to take advantage of the pool and spa, its fun and great exercise.

The Board received the first draft of the Reserve Study being done by Pacific Crest Reserves, LLC. and asked for changes. The new report has been received and it looks good and is well done. Dan will be making a presentation like he did last year.

RV LOT: Roy Teeter
The lot is almost full. Space allotments have been verified. Two owners have volunteered to help on this committee. It was suggested that the RV Lot Committee look at posting signs at each rented slot to reduce confusion about who is paying for it and what vehicle should be parked there.

SECURITY: Roy Teeter
Two incidents: Gary and Kathleen had someone go through the vehicles in their garage. Nothing was taken. Most likely it happened early Sunday morning. Garage doors are being tested by thieves at night.
Barbara Johns called to report an incident at 3:30 Sunday morning. Someone broke into their daughter’s car which was parked in their driveway. They disabled the car trying to hotwire it. The police were called. Case #19B25938
For people who lose keys, Dennis Fox reported that for less than $100, a combination lock can be purchased for your door, making a key unnecessary. Giving the code to your guests is also convenient.
Claire reminds everyone of the importance of VACCA maintaining a key vault. Please provide Claire with a key or combination to your unit if you change your locks (also screen door keys or combos if locked at both entries).

SOCIAL: Pat Hood
Lunch at the “Filling Station” on May 14, Ladies lunch and fashion show at the clubhouse on May 17 and the “Grill Out” at the clubhouse on May 26. On May 28, May and June Birthday celebration and on May 30 the Out to Dinner bunch go to the “Black Cat”. Please see the sign-up sheets for times and more information. Everyone is always welcome.

WEBSITE: Henry Mitchell
Henry would very much like someone to volunteer to be his backup on this committee.

WELCOME: Katie Sherwood
Karen and Ginger will be calling on Marti Villa-Lovoz at 4350A Village Drive. Katie will discuss with the committee, the possibility of going over the most common policy misunderstandings or violations with new owners.

WOODSHOP: Roy Teeter
Ken Bell has been working hard building picnic tables and he made brackets for the poolroom.

The Cordata Neighborhood Association reported that new sidewalks are installed on Aldrich and the roundabout on Cordata Parkway is almost complete. Mahogany Avenue and the intersection at Arctic Avenue is now open. This allows VACCA owners to easily enter Costco from the back, by turning right onto Northwest Avenue from Aldrich, then left on Mahogany and left on Arctic.

There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary

Next meeting: June 13, 2019


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