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Jan 12

2019.01.10 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

                       January 10, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Bob Rose, at ten a.m. Present were Board members: Katie Sherwood, Claire Gatter, Toni Whitmyre, Henry Mitchell, Dan Keller and Lana Mills. Also present were 12 residents. President Allen was out of town.

The Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved as written.

Bank account balances at December 31, 2018 were: O&M $21,901, Replacement fund $98,768.

John submitted to the Board a contract for 2019 windows from Lyndale Glass. This contract provides for 60 new windows (Phase I, II, III), one backdoor and two “units” in the clubhouse. The total amount is $52,828.20 which includes tax and is under budget. This amount is less than last year’s cost.
John and Peter have inspected and cleaned out 23 crawlspaces on East Village. Some new crawlspace covers were installed and where there was evidence of rodents, traps were left. A couple of units had water in the space, but nothing significant. Next week they will start crawlspace work on Village Drive and should have it all done by March.

CLUBHOUSE: Jackie Smith
The clubhouse will be cleaned next Wednesday, January 17.

Three Village Drive units are to be sold, 4103A (Minkler), 4350A (Edwards) and 4377B (Tyne). All are currently being readied for sale. Six units are rented.


VACCA and Grass Roots Landscaping have agreed to pick up the contract option for a third year at the same price.

POOL AND SPA: No report
RV Lot: No report

No incidents to report. Matt and Brenda Dennis’s camera picked up a prowler in a white hoodie at 12:02 a.m. He entered from the West Village Lane cul-de sac, and exited on the path to June Road (where a new gate is planned to eliminate this type of easy access). Bob reminded everyone to be alert and lock up!
SOCIAL: Jackie Smith
A soup dinner is planned for Friday, January 18. Many have signed up, but there is always room for more. At the end of the month, the January/February birthdays will be celebrated. The Out-to-Dinner this month will be at the Coconut Grove. See the sign-up sheets in the clubhouse.

WEBSITE: Henry Mitchell
Another workshop is planned at the clubhouse at month end. Henry will post the date and time as soon as it is decided. And it will be in the afternoon this time.

WELCOME: No report

WOODSHOP: The light replacement project is complete.

OLD BUSINESS: Dan Keller reported that the 2019 proposed budget was approved at the December 19 meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: Pat Bergner, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, announced that five owners have agreed to seek election to the VACCA Board. As four positions have to be filled, more candidates would be ideal. Please contact Pat and toss your hat in the ring. There is still a month before nominations are closed. Pictures and bios of candidates will be posted in mid-February.

*Ron Kowalski, John Eisenhardt and Larry Allen met with Mr. Doug Slater about our drainage problems. Mr. Slater was the on-site superintendent in charge of all aspects of VACCA construction. Mr. Slater suggested that one way to fix the problem would be to reroute the downspouts out into the landscaping instead of into the underground pipes which, apparently, are failing. It was felt that this solution could pose a problem for the landscaping crew so more study is needed.

*A discussion followed about the gates at June Road and the Division St. Trail, which are planned for security purposes. In addition, Ron Kowalski mentioned that there is a law that private property such as a trail, easily used by the public for ten years, even if unwelcome, risks a prescriptive easement legal termination, and could be declared a public right-of-way. With the influx of new housing in the June Road area, we should cut off the “short cuts” through VACCA while we still can.
The gates will be black chain link with push button locks. Ron is trying to get the price for both gates below $1500. This is budgeted for and plans will be finalized at the Security Planning Committee on January 22nd and presented for final ratification at the next board meeting.

*Bubs reports that a new sturdy flag has been ordered for the flagpole. Jackie said she will take the old flag to the VFW for disposal.

As there was no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills


Dec 22

2018.12.19 Annual Budget Meeting Minutes

                    DECEMBER 19, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Allen at seven p.m. Present were Board members: Bob Rose, Dan Keller, Toni Whitmyre, Henry Mitchell and Lana Mills.

It was moved and seconded to waive the reading of the Minutes from last year’s budget meeting. Those Minutes were approved as written.

While the votes cast for approval of the 2019 Budget were being tallied, Larry explained that the process of preparing the budget actually began last April when Dan Keller formed a committee to update the VACCA Reserve Study. Then in September, Henry agreed to chair the 2019 Budget committee.

Larry thanked everyone who worked on those committees: Dan Keller, Henry Mitchell, John Eisenhardt, Pat Bergner, Bubs Kroll, Ron and Jennifer Beall, Toni Whitmyre, Paul Grey, Jackie Smith, Bob Rose, Ron Kowalski, and Lana Mills.

VACCA owes a great deal to those volunteers who work on our other 18 active committees. Larry thanked each Chair and the members who give their time to the committees.

Thanks also to Les and Eileen Reardanz for the good coffee they donate for the clubhouse. It is very much appreciated.

Pat Hood brought up concern that the gutter cleaning may interfere with the outside Christmas lights. Larry suggested she get in touch with John Eisenhardt (B&R) to relate the concern to the workers.

Gene Meck reported that he had had a very positive garage door experience with A-One Garage Door when his door needed attention. “John” installed top-of-the-line springs at a lesser price than the other company and was able to do the job immediately so Gene did not have to wait a week for the other company. Another VACCA owner had the same good words for A-One.

Matt Dennis appeared with the results of the budget vote: 65 votes to ratify, 15 votes to not ratify. We appreciate the work done tonight by Matt and Brenda Dennis, Jackie Smith, Karen Jackson, Sheryl Allen, Ginger Hawley and Toni Whitmyre. And a special thanks to Helen Terpsma for again organizing this whole process. A job well done by all.

The meeting was adjourned at eight p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary

Dec 14

2018.12.13 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

DECEMBER 13, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Allen at ten a.m. Present were Board members Claire Gatter, Katie Sherwood, Henry Mitchell, Dan Keller, Toni Whitmyre and Lana Mills. Bob Rose was unable to attend.

The minutes from last month’s Board meeting were approved as written.

The O&M fund balance at November 30 was $37,384 and the Replacement fund balance was $87,118, totaling $124,503 at month end.
*****Toni asked that all committee heads having invoices to be paid must submit them to her before January 10, 2019 so they are properly recorded as this year’s expense.

John was unable to attend, but Jackie noted that he and Peter had installed a new light in the clubhouse and had checked the connections on the others.

CLUBHOUSE: Jackie Smith
A new coffee maker has been installed in the clubhouse.

Six units are currently rented out. There are no units for sale at this time.
Lois Edwards on Village Drive has moved into care and her niece says Lois’s place will be put on the market for private sale after cleaning and repairs are done.



The grounds crew found 17 breaks in the piping and three damaged sprinkler heads when the irrigation system was flushed last week. The crew works on a schedule for leaf removal and asks for your patience. They do the whole complex and then start over. They will get to you.
*****Todd asks that everyone weigh down their recycling each week on garbage day as the crew has had to clear the landscape of trash when it’s windy.

The pool and spa have enjoyed 100% uptime. The spool that holds the pool cover has been replaced and reset properly in the concrete. Volunteer labor (thank you!) kept the cost down to $165.00 as opposed to $600+ as quoted by the pool tech company.

RV LOT: Carol Haselden
Everything at the lot is okay. Thank you, Tom Christiansen, for fixing the lock on the gate. It works much more smoothly now. If an emergency occurs while Dave and Carol are out of town, please call Tom. If Tom is unavailable, you may call Dave cell or via email.

SECURITY: Lana Mills
Since last month’s meeting, Bob has reported three incidents via EVN and on the Website: Garage/car prowls and deck chairs taken on Village Drive and North Village. All were reported to the Bellingham Police Dept.
Again, Bob reminds everyone to be alert, lock everything up and be safe.

SOCIAL: Pat Hood
Pat thanked Katie Sherwood for all her work organizing yesterday’s crab feed. The Christmas party potluck will be held Friday, Dec. 14. Please bring a wrapped “white elephant” for exchange. On December 27th, the “out-to-dinner” group will be at the Bellingham Country Club. If you have signed up and find you won’t be able to attend afterall, please let Pat know as the restaurant has reserved a place for you.

WEBSITE: Henry Mitchell
The site is up and running well. The planned website instruction session has been postponed until January. The date and time will
be announced.

WELCOME:  Carol Haselden

The committee is up to date on the new owner visits.  *While Chairman Carol is away, Ginger will take over should new owners join the Village.

Larry reminded everyone about the Budget Vote/Meeting being held on Wednesday, December 19. Voting is at 6:30 to 7:00 with the meeting starting at 7 while the votes are counted. If you are unable to attend, please be sure to complete your proxy vote and drop it in the “Board” box in the clubhouse, or give it to a neighbor.
As she has done for several years, Helen Terpsma has agreed to organize and oversee the whole voting procedure. Thank you, Helen.
Someone turned the clubhouse water heater so low, there was no hot water to wash dishes after the crab feed. And Carol had a cold shower after swimming. Thank you, Denny, for correcting the problem. PLEASE, EVERYONE, DO NOT TOUCH ANY CONTROLS IN THE CLUBHOUSE UNLESS YOU ARE AUTHORIZED TO DO SO.

Don Keller suggested we contact Puget Sound Energy to have a free energy audit done in the clubhouse. Good idea.

Nettie’s screen door blew off in the windstorm last night.

The Nominating Committee has been working to find owners to run for three positions on the Board. The election will be held at the annual meeting in March, 2019. If you would like to seek election to the Board, please contact Pat Bergner.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary

Nov 10

2018.11.08 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 8, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Allen at ten a.m. All members of the Board were present: Claire Gatter, Henry Mitchell, Katie Sherwood, Barbara Fletcher, Bob Rose, Dan Keller, Toni Whitmyre and Lana Mills. Twenty-one residents attended.

The Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved as written.

The O&M bank balance as of October 31 was $23,227 and the Replacement fund balance was $72,785 for a total of $96,012. The internal audit is complete.

There is one pending work order.
John asked the Board to approve $9,783, which includes tax, for the job of gutter cleaning to be done by Cordova Construction LLC. A motion was made and seconded and approved to accept the bid. (Unit cost about $80.00 each.)
B&R has been inspecting and removing debris from crawl spaces.
Work is being done on a master plan for our drainage problems. In the meantime, Peter discovered a “rotor rooter” in the woodshop and was able to use it on a clogged pipe. (Peter has worked with a rotor rooter in the past.)

CLUBHOUSE: Jackie Smith
No report.

Barbara Moore at 4860B North Village Lane has sold her unit to Mrs. Hazel Richardson, which is scheduled to close on November 16. There are five units currently rented out.

Larry has posted on the bulletin board, the notes from last month’s EP meeting.
On November 15 at ten a.m. in the clubhouse, another “Map Your Neighborhood” meeting will be held to inform new residents about emergency preparedness. Residents who would like a refresher are invited to attend as well.

No report. (This committee is still looking for a volunteer to take over for Henry.)

Todd and his crew are applying fall fertilizer today ahead of the predicted rain. The fertilizer is pet safe, but Todd recommends keeping pets off the grass for a day or so. Yesterday, Todd took 2-1/2 tons of yard waste to the recycle center. Unfortunately, the crew encountered more doggie piles in two neighbor’s yards. The homeowners were notified.
Toni received a “request” from the City of Bellingham for VACCA to remove tree branches along Kellogg to a height of 15 feet. The crew immediately took care of it. The City crew happened to drive by while the work was being done and give our guys thumbs up!

The facilities were up and running 100% this month. The spa water was replaced due to excessive foaming (cause unknown) and now a defoaming agent is being added. One new sign has been installed with two more to come.

No incidents.
Our own Don Keller, will be giving a personal safety presentation in the clubhouse on November 27 at 2 p.m. Don is a retired deputy sheriff in Los Angeles County and a martial arts instructor.

The community safety talk given by BPD Officer Dante Alexander and Michelle Thomas, 911 dispatcher, on October 30 was very well attended by VACCA residents. Among their advice was to always keep your car free of any visible items as if it was a brand-new vehicle, and lock the doors. Keep it in the garage with the door closed, unless you are present in the garage. If you are questioning something you see in the area, call 911. No call is unimportant to the dispatchers and the more calls, the more patrols. Calling 911, we were told, if you “think it, do it”.

RV LOT: David Blackshaw
The lot is in good shape. David asks for a volunteer to take over for him for the months of January, March and April while he is out of town.

SOCIAL: Pat Hood
Thirty-one people have signed up the Harvest Dinner tonight. On Sunday, November 11, in the clubhouse, a 97th Birthday Party for Oren Key. Everyone is invited.
November 13th, Ladies luncheon at Mikanos,
November 14, happy hour in the clubhouse
November 26, November and December Birthdays party
November 29, Out to Dinner group
Sign-up sheets are in the clubhouse.

WEBSITE: Henry Mitchell
Another website training session will be held later this month. The date and time will be announced.

WELCOME: Carol Haselden
The Committee called on one new resident, now only one to go.

WOODSHOP: Roy Teeter
Roy expects the balance of the new lights will be installed soon.
A resident with a problem of frozen meat that was cut too large brought it to the woodshop. One of the electric saws was scrubbed and then used to reduce the portions. Ingenuity! Always something new going on at the woodshop.

Last month each Board member received copies of the proposed 2019 budget and the 2018 Reserve Study in order to study them. A meeting was also held along with the budget committee to answer any questions.
Today, Larry asked for a vote to accept the 2018 Reserve Study. A motion was made, seconded and passed. Board approval of the 2019 budget followed. Copies of the budget will be sent to all owners within 5-7 days to prepare for the annual budget vote on December 19. Dan Keller and Larry are working on a presentation packet. On December 6 at the ten a.m. coffee hour, a presentation is planned to answer everyone’s questions about next year’s budget and the reserve study.

Larry thanked Dan for all his work on the Reserve Study and the new budget. He also thanked Henry for chairing the budget committee and the rest of the resident volunteers who worked so diligently on the budget.
Ron Dickerson, who has overseen our insurance matters would like to hand off the job to someone else. We are asking for a volunteer.
The Board is seeking our attorney’s advice on our contract with Scott, our house painter. The Board approved contacting the attorney. His advice is expected to be less that $500.
Pat Bergner has agreed to head the Nominating Committee for new Board members in 2019. She will be looking for volunteers to run for office with the election at our annual meeting in March.
Don Keller discovered that his garage door could be opened without the use of the remote when the door was thought to be locked. Overhead Door was called and the problem was corrected. Don wants other residents to be aware of this and check their own door to make sure it cannot be raised manually when closed by the remote.
Puget Sound Energy performed a free energy audit at Don’s unit and replaced all his old light bulbs with new LED bulbs, free of charge.
Contact PSE to take advantage of this valuable service.

There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 10:54 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary

Next Meetings: December 6 at ten a.m. coffee hour for budget talk

December 13 Monthly Board meeting Ten a.m.

December 19 Annual budget meeting, voting from 6:30-7 p.m.
Meeting begins while votes are being counted.


Nov 04

2018.10.11 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 11, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Allen at ten a.m. Present were Board members: Barbara Fletcher, Claire Gatter, Katie Sherwood, Bob Rose, Dan Keller, Toni Whitmyre, Henry Mitchell and Lana Mills. Twenty-four residents also attended.

The Minutes from the September 13 meeting were approved as written.

The O&M fund balance at September 30 was $40,787 and the Replacement fund was $58,476 for a total of $99,263. Ron Beall has done the monthly audit.

Twenty-two work orders were completed. Work was done in crawl spaces, including replacing insulation, installing three new crawlspace covers and repairing vent screens.
A serious drainage problem was fixed at 4630B Village Drive. Other drainage issues are still being addressed, but Boss Construction is no longer involved.
Two clubhouse windows need replacing, John is seeking bids.
Window replacement guidelines and the phasing explanation papers are available in the clubhouse.
*****John urges residents to cover outside faucets against freezing and install your Styrofoam vent covers.

CLUBHOUSE: Jackie Smith
A Certificate from the Bellingham Fire Dept. has been posted on the bulletin board in the poolroom. Peter fixed the entry light, a new mat has been placed at the entry and the furnace has been inspected.

CONDO SALES: No report


Larry’s report of last month’s meeting has been posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse.

The irrigation lines are expected to be blown out in the next week or so.
Fall fertilizer will be spread on the grass after a mow and hopefully,
just before a rainfall.
*****PLEASE! Clean up after your dog! The landscape crew came across several dog piles when mowing this week. It gets in the mowers and causes problems, as you can imagine.
Our appreciation to Naomi DeGolier for donating shrubs to VACCA. Homes will be found for them. Thank you, Naomi.

(Paul was unable to attend the meeting, but provided the Board with his written report.)
Uptime for the pool and spa this month was 100%.
The cover has been installed over the pool to preserve heat.
P&S committee voted to not request monies to buy and install an auto shut-off for the spa jets. The cost was estimated to be $450. Instead, the chairman will be preparing a new sign over the jet control button to remind users to shut off the jets when exiting.
A new sign has been posted by the spa with instructions for putting the cover on.

RV LOT: No report

10/8/18 Car Prowl:
Returning home at 4:30 AM Greg Young and his mother Pat
(4259 A Village Drive) noted an older white Honda Accord following them down Village Drive from the clubhouse. When he reached home, Greg saw that the following car had paused to check out a white Nissan Rogue SUV, belonging to Kristine Kincaid (4355A Village Dr.), the hatchback of which had been inadvertently left open. Greg shouted at the car’s occupants and the vehicle left
the Village with Greg in pursuit. He obtained the license plate number and reported it to 911, but as he parked at his home again, he noted that the suspicious car had returned to Kristine’s SUV. Fortunately, the Police told Greg to stand down, arrived promptly, and notified Kristine of the open hatchback, so no harm was done. The worrisome car left the Village, but fortunately the police have its license plate number. (case # 18B60465, Officer Longbottom)

SOCIAL: Pat Hood
Papa Nick’s Italian dinner will be in the clubhouse on October 20. Attendance is limited to 48 people so get signed up soon for this good food, provided by Nick’s family, using his restaurant’s recipe.
On October 25, the “Out to Dinner” will be going to the Bellwether and
There will be a Halloween party on October 31. Costumes are optional, but a prize will be awarded for the best.

WEBSITE: Henry Mitchell
Henry’s “Intro to VACCA’s Website” workshop was well attended and everyone went home with log-ins, passwords and now easy access to Henry is planning another workshop in the next two to three weeks for those who missed this one.
Bob Rose advised that when searching the website for Security Incident Reports, click on the orange dot right beside the word “Security”. Clicking on “Security” will not get you where you want to go. (Henry will research this little glitch.)

WELCOME: Sharon Rood
The Welcome Committee called on two new residents and has one more to go.

WOODSHOP: Roy Teeter
Ten volunteers helped at the woodshop to install fifteen new LED light fixtures to replace four eight-foot florescent light fixtures. Nine more LED’s are left to install, probably next year.
Keys to everyone’s woodshop are available, just ask Roy. Take advantage of this splendid asset for all your projects and keep your garage clean.

Dan Keller reported that the Reserve Study update is complete. New line-items have been added to the chart to better itemize the projects previously designated “Other”. A meeting is being planned to answer any questions residents may have. Next year’s update of the Reserve Study will be done professionally, the Board has decided.
Henry Mitchell reported that the 2019 Budget is finished and presented the Board with printouts so that they can study it before a vote by the Board next month to accept or reject the numbers.
If the Board votes to accept the budget at the November 8 Board meeting, within five days, all owners will be given a printed copy of the budget.
At the coffee hour in the clubhouse on December 6, members of the Board will be on hand to answer any questions from owners about the budget.
On December 19th, the annual Budget Meeting will be held for all owners to vote on the proposed budget.
Henry thanked the volunteers who gave their time to work on the 2019 Budget Committee.
An Amendment to the Rules and Regulations was proposed as follows:
Visitors may park in the Guest Parking for no more than 72 hours. Longer term visitors can use their host’s garage or driveway, or have the resident contact the RV Lot Committee Chairman to arrange for space in the RV lot.
The Amendment was moved, seconded and approved by the Board.
Pat Hood said that some people are parking on the blind curves on Village Drive causing a danger to other motorists and pedestrians.
Ted Wagner said that some VACCA hydrants were not marked with a tile on the street which alerts the fire department to their location. Ted offered to look into obtaining the tiles and will report back to the Board.
Claire Gatter explained that she had talked to our postal carriers and each of them said to NOT put misdirected mail into the outgoing mail slot. Pin any misdelivered mail to the small cork board between the mailboxes. (Formerly marked “for Board use only”)
Ron Dickerson has asked for a volunteer to take over overseeing VACCA’s insurance coverage. It does not require much time and Ron will be happy to help with questions. Email Ron at [email protected] if you are interested in taking this on.

There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary

The next meeting is on November 8


Sep 18

2018.09.13 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Allen at ten a.m. Present were Board members: Claire Gatter, Henry Mitchell, Bob Rose, Toni Whitmyre, Katie Sherwood, Dan Keller, Barbara Fletcher, and Lana Mills. Twenty-two residents also attended.

The Minutes from the August 9 meeting were approved as written.

The O&M fund balance at the end of August was $11,962 and the Replacement fund was $58,891 for a total of $70,853. The in-house audit is complete for July 31, 2018.

Two outstanding work orders will be completed by the end of this month, involving windows and skylights, approved by the Board last month.
Scott, the painter, completed a walk-about with John and Pat Bergner inspecting Scott’s work. Some caulking was found to be faulty and Scott will be fixing it. John will contact Scott about providing an updated contract for next year that includes less units(to match our phase III list) and adds a privacy fence.
Work was done in the crawl space at 4750 and new screens were installed on the foundation vents at 4553.
Drainage solutions are still being addressed by Boss Construction. In the meantime, Cordova Construction will fix the flooding problems at 4630B Village Drive.
Peter, the handyman, has returned from vacation.
*****This committee needs volunteers. It is not a one-man job. Please, if you can help, contact John.

CLUBHOUSE: Jackie Smith
Two fire extinguishers have been serviced and a new one purchased and installed in the pool area. Thank you, Bruce, for installing the bracket and repairing the “Exit” sign over the backdoor. The heating and air conditioning unit has had its annual maintenance.
CONDO SALES: No report

The committee had its first meeting and the result will be posted on the clubhouse bulletin board.


The irrigation system has been shut off for the year due to rain. It will not be turned on again until June.
It has been suggested that anyone who would like to be involved or learn the “blowing the lines for winter” process, let Todd or Bubs know. It involves a few hours and raingear.
Fall fertilizer application upcoming in October.
Greenscapes’ contract (Todd) expires this year. It has a 3rd-year option which the landscape committee recommends we exercise. Todd is agreeable and the terms of the contract remain the same,
A vote by the Board was unanimous to extend the contract and Bubs
will prepare an agreement to be signed by Todd, Bubs, Toni and Larry, the Board President.

The exterior wall in the pool area is being anchored. New signage for the pool and spa and instructions for the machine room are in the works.

At approximately 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning, alerted by the sound of a car, Tina Swanson on North Village Lane, saw a person testing the car doors of her neighbors. Two cars were entered and rifled, but nothing was taken. The police responded to Tina’s 911. (Case
#18B53583, Officer Lyons). Bob reminds everyone to remove valuables and lock your car doors.
The Security Planning committee has submitted a budget request for locked chain link gates at the Division street trail and June Road VACCA property entrance points, as well as new shrubbery to close the gaps in the perimeter landscaping. Some test shrubs have been planted along the buffer to the west. Faux cameras (for now), with signs, will be placed at the vehicle entrances and at the woodshop.

RV LOT: No report

SOCIAL: Pat Hood
Signup sheets are at the clubhouse bulletin board for: Monday, Sept. 24 birthday celebration at the clubhouse; out-to-dinner on Sept. 27th at Steakhouse 9 in Lynden; and on Sept. 30 the last grill-out will be held.

WEBSITE: Henry Mitchell
A website training session will be held on Wednesday, Sept 26th, at ten a.m. Bring your laptop or other device if you like (tho’ not necessary), and Henry will help you access the VACCA website and walk you through its many facets.

WELCOME: Carol Haselden
New residents, Dick and Dorothy McKenney, were visited.

WOODSHOP: Roy Teeter
At the suggestion of law enforcement, the “Woodshop” sign is gone and replaced with a security sign. Ron K will help install LED lighting. Eight fixtures will be replaced.

The new Reserve Study is almost complete with just a few minor changes to be entered. A meeting is being planned to introduce and explain the Reserve Study to all residents. The date will be

A committee of 14 residents has been formed to work on the 2019 budget. Henry Mitchell agreed to be chairman. The committee will meet once a week in September and present the proposed budget to the Board at the October 11 Board meeting. (Each standing committee, Landscape, B&R, etc. has already presented their funding needs request for 2019.) After careful study and adjustments, if necessary, the Board will approve the budget at the November 8th meeting.
After approval by the Board, each owner will be given printed copies of the budget. A VACCA meeting for owners hosted by the Board and the Budget Committee will be held at the December coffee (12/6) to answer any questions.
On December 19th, a vote on the budget by all owners will be held.
While the votes are being counted, the VACCA annual meeting will
Officer Dante Alexander of the Bellingham Police Department has been invited to speak at a meeting of VACCA residents about safety and security. He will be accompanied by a 911 Dispatcher. Carol Haselden requested we move Officer Alexander’s presentation, which was planned for the Budget vote meeting on Dec. 19, to an earlier date which would allow more snowbirds to attend.
We ask all residents who receive mail not intended for them, mark the envelope with the delivery error and put it in the outgoing mail box in the billiard room. Please do not hand deliver it and leave it
on someone’s porch or door.
We are reminded that there are rules governing visitor parking. No
long-term parking is allowed. Longer than 24 hours should be done in an owner’s driveway, or garage.

There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary


Aug 13

2018-8-9 Board Meeting




                                      AUGUST 9, 2018


The meeting was called to order at ten a.m. by President Larry Allen.  Present were Board members:  Bob Rose, Henry Mitchell, Claire Gatter, Barbara Fletcher, Katie Sherwood, Toni Whitmyre, Dan Keller and Lana Mills.

With sadness, Larry announced the sudden passing of neighbor, Margaret Eisenhardt, wife of John, our Building & Roads Chairman.

Our condolences to John and his family.

The minutes from last month’s meeting were approved as written.


As of July 31, the O&M fund balance was $19,928 and the Replacement fund balance was $61,962 for a total of $81,890.  The in-house audit has been done.

In early September, a 2019 Budget Committee will be formed.  Anyone interested in being a part of the committee is invited to attend.  Members must attend three or four meetings, chaired by Toni.


Two work orders need approval.  One for a cracked skylight on West Village ($790.00) and another for a damaged window on Village Dr ($1,420.00).  The Board approved the work orders.  A new deck on East Village is approved and an air conditioning unit was also okayed.

Exterior painting is expected to finish next week.  John and Pat will do a walk-through with Scott upon completion.

Five crawl space covers and four dryer vents were replaced.

A bid of $48,000 has been received for 60 new windows for Phase 3 and completion of Phase 1 and 2.  Work to be done in 2019.

A bid was received from Boss Construction in the amount of $44,000 for correcting drainage problems along the trail in the “park” area.

A bid is pending for washing and painting on just the exteriors of some gutters in need of attention

Peter dealt with a bee problem and the homeowner and Peter will monitor the area for any further outbreaks.

CLUBHOUSE:  No report


The committee will begin meeting again on September 2.  Anyone interested is invited to attend.

CONDO SALES:  Lana Mills

All sales have closed.  No units for sale at this time.  Eleven units sold in 2018 thus far.  We have five rentals, currently.


Henry is still seeking a replacement chairman for this committee.

Contact Henry is you are interested.


Todd and his crew are making another loop through the Village doing basic pruning.  They’ve completed North and West Village and are now working their way up Village Drive,

Todd requests that if you have any yard waste, you bag or box it and have it on the curb by noon.  After noon on Thursday, it should be put in your own garbage can.

At this point, the sprinkler system is scheduled to be shut down for the season on September 24th.  It can be delayed if this weather continues.

POOL AND SPA:  Paul Grey

The facilities are being well used this summer.  Please shower before using the pool/spa.  Rinse well as soap foam is showing up in the spa and dirt in the pool.  The committee will be washing the windows inside and out and vacuuming.  Windows that need it will be caulked with the goal of keeping the pool/spa open year round.

Nettie reports that the pool exercise classes are well attended.

Ron K. said the pump probably will last only a few more years at which time, he recommends replacing it with a whisper pump which will greatly reduce the pump noise.

RV LOT:  David Blackshaw

David is preparing a new schedule (weekly) for RV lot lockup.  Please let David know if you’d be willing to volunteer.  Pinpointing the electricity spike in the lot/woodshop in recent months is difficult and Toni reports that the Puget Sound Energy bill is now back to normal levels anyway.  The issue of muddy areas in the car wash space was discussed.  Roy said without proper drainage, the addition of more gravel will do no good in the long run.  As the problem of drainage throughout VACCA is being addressed, this area will be investigated with the rest.  Roy said there is a hose connected at the back of the woodshop which could also be used for car washing.  This hose is only available until the cold weather returns.

Also please remember to spin the lock tumblers after locking up the gate.


No incidents this past month.  The Security Planning Group received a bid to place gates at the June Road trail entry point and at the Division Trail entry point.  The bid was high.  Ron K is seeking other bids.  BP Officer Alexander has been invited to speak to the community some time in the next months.  He will be accompanied by a 911 call center operator.  The Security Planning Group is meeting on Tuesday, August 21 at two p.m. in the clubhouse.  Anyone wishing to weigh in on the path gating issue is welcome to attend.

Claire Gatter talked to VACCA contractors about clubhouse keys in their possession and has accounted and recorded the information.  Contractors will surrender the keys to security upon completion of their jobs.

SOCIAL:  Pat Hood

This month’s happy hour in the clubhouse was well attended and, happily, new residents joined in the fun.  Welcome Dick and Dorothy McKenney from West Village.

This month:   12th   Picnic on the Green

14th   Ladies lunch at Anthonys

26th   Grill Out

30th   Out to Dinner at Jalapenos

Please see the clubhouse bulletin board for all the information.

WEBSITE:  Henry Mitchell

Another website training class is in the planning.  Our website is   If you are having any trouble with the website, Henry is available and even makes house calls.

WELCOME:  Carol Haselden

Four units with new owners will be called on in September when their move-ins are complete.

WOODSHOP:  Roy Teeter

Roy thanked the Board for approving a trash can for the woodshop, he thanked whoever cleaned the bathroom and he thanked Ed for cleaning out the old paint.   Good job, everyone!

Roy, Ron and David are asking that no unauthorized items are to be “dumped” at the RVlot/woodshop.  All items going into the area must be preapproved by one of them.  And items left after 30 days will become the property of VACCA and may be disposed of.


Dan Keller reported that the Reserve Study has been updated to reflect last year and this year’s figures.  John Eisenhardt has provided input (future expenses) which has also been entered.  A meeting is being planned to explain the Reserve Study.  Everyone is invited.  Dan will advise the date/time via VACCA email.


In answer to Larry’s question about responsibility for the safety of residents with health issues, the VACCA lawyer assured Larry that the Association has no liability.  The lawyer also said that by adherence to our governing documents, we should have no problems.  The fee for his advice was $50.00.


Larry contacted Rice Insurance with questions about a resident’s water damage and the steps necessary to get it fixed.  For repairs under $2,500, the owner is responsible for the entire payment.  The owner may make the repair using VACCA-approved contractors and submit the invoice to their insurance if they choose.  If the repair amount is over $2,500 and it’s a VACCA covered loss, VACCA will make the repair and charge the owner for VACCA’s deductible of $2,500.  The owner can then submit the $2,500 charge to their insurance company if they choose.  If the owner’s insurance company wishes to contact VACCA’s insurance company, the contact is Joe Williams at 360-734-1161.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 11:15, it was seconded and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary

Next meeting:  September 13, 2018





Jul 18

2018-7-12 Board Meeting



JULY 12, 2018


The meeting was called to order at ten a.m. by President Larry Allen.  Present were Board members:  Dan Keller, Barbara Fletcher, Claire Gatter, Bob Rose, Toni Whitmyre, Katie Sherwood and Lana Mills.  Henry Mitchell was out of town.  Twenty-four residents also attended.


The Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved as written.



As of June 30, the O&M fund balance was $36,523 and the Replacement fund balance was $44,172 for a total of $80,695.  The in-house audit has been done.



A siding company representative is preparing a bid for siding repair, and painting, for Phase 3 (Summer 2019).  So far, the current siding looks good.  Lyndale Glass has submitted a bid for $42,000 for 50 replacement windows for Phases 1, 2, and 3.  Boss Construction is still in the process of preparing a bid to repair our drainage system.

The pipe from 4550 Village Drive to the creek has collapsed and will need to be replaced also.

Some residents are concerned that painting has not been completed on their units.  John will be making an inspection with Scott, the painter.


CLUBHOUSE:  No report


CONDO SALES:  Lana Mills

Helen Ebright’s sale to John Kirby and Patricia Carman will close on July 24, Harold and Susan Katz sale to Kenneth and Lynn Bell will close on August 1.  Six units remain rented.  No units are for sale at this time.






The catch basin is now completely mowed.  The crew will finish pruning on East Village and then start over with later-blooming rhodies and boxwood on North Village.  Bubs reminds everyone to be sure and submit a work-order for needed work in their yards.  Verbal requests may, probably will, be forgotten.


POOL AND SPA:  Paul Grey

The P&S committee met to share information and define goals, one of which is to keep the facilities open year round.  Paul is working on a pool and spa care “manual” which will be posted in the pool maintenance room.  The recent problem with the bromine levels in the pool and spa has been solved.  Paul asks that the doors into the pool area remain closed at all times for safety.  The committee is looking for another pool maintenance company as a backup for Ed.

Paul emphasized that users always please bathe before entering the pool and spa.

The spa is not to be used by children under the age of 12.  The high temperature of the water slows the heart and, for a child, it can be very dangerous.  Paul will look into updating the signage in the pool and spa area.

Since redoing the maintenance room, there is a persistent hum heard throughout the building due to a pump having been attached to a wall.  Ron K is looking into a solution.

Nettie has begun a pool exercise program being held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15.   All are welcome.



On the morning of June 21, an unlocked car parked in the clubhouse parking lot near the VACCA sign was prowled and a few items, including the keys to the car, were taken.

The Security Planning team is meeting Tuesday, July 17, to continue discussing new security measures, such as blocking trail entrances into VACCA, cameras, etc.   Colleen suggested temporary badges to identify contract workers in the Village.




RV LOT:  David Blackshaw

The months we experienced electrical spikes in the woodshop/rvlot power bill is still a mystery, but many ideas were discussed.  Toni reports that the bill has dropped significantly, although it is still more than double last year’s amount.  David will look into the feasibility of using meters to track and charge any vehicle users of electricity.

David is installing a new lock on the gate which should make it easier to use.


WOODSHOP:  Roy Teeter

Roy reminds that the woodshop is open to all residents of the Village.

A motion was made, seconded and the Board approved having Sanitary Services deliver a trashcan to the woodshop/rv lot, scheduling pickup every other week.  Toni will make the arrangements.

It was noted that some contractors have keys to our woodshop and clubhouse but it was not clear who provided them.  In addition, the keys are not recorded in our key tracking system.  We will identify all keys not in our system and make sure they are added.  Also we will ensure when contractors finish their tasks, the keys are returned so they will be available for other users when needed.


SOCIAL:  Carol Haselden

Carol read this month’s schedule of fun activities and encouraged everyone to use the sign-up sheets in the clubhouse.


WEBSITE:  No report


WELCOME:  Carol Haselden

Four new residents will be visited when they have moved in.



Larry questioned what ever happened to handyman Peter’s picture which was to be posted in the clubhouse.


Dan reports that the 2018 Reserve Study overview has been put on a temporary hold.  A current budget concern has taken precedence.  At a committee meeting to discuss the concern, it was recommended the Board consider providing each committee having a budget (i.e. Buildings and Roads, Landscaping, Pool and Spa and Management) monthly updates on their actual expenditures so they can be aware of any anomalies as soon as they occur.  In addition, they recommended all committees having a budget gather quarterly to confirm their budgets are on track and discuss how to handle any issues that may have occurred.  The Board agreed to this plan.


Questions were raised by attending residents about the reserve fund balance.  Dan and Larry explained that the reserve fund drops in the summer months due to the cost of work being done in the Village, such as siding, painting, windows, sidewalk repair, etc.  In the fall, the fund will begin to rebuild.

The Board was happy to see the interest shown by residents in the financials of the Association and encourage everyone who is interested to join the budget planning committee in September and/or offer their help to the 2018 Reserve Study overview team.  Dan said he’d be happy to sit down with anyone to explain all he can.


Of concern to the residents of the Village is the health and wellbeing of all our citizens.  To that end, Nettie and Barbara contacted senior services and returned with information which is now available in the clubhouse.  Larry will contact our attorney to confirm our belief that the Association has no liability if something unfortunate occurs.


There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Lana Mills, Secretary


Next meeting:  Thursday, August 9, 2018



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