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Feb 01

Wood Shop


Starting on the 25th of February I plan on working in the wood shop
every Tuesday afternoon from 1 to 3.  I will be attempting to
re-organize, clean, do maintenance, etc.  Anyone that would like to
help or make suggestions or just supervise is welcome to just show up.
  I have been told that there are some people that would like to learn
how to use some of the tools available.  Well, just come by around
1:00 pm some Tuesday and hopefully I or someone else will be able to help you get started on your project.
 I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that is
saving their aluminum cans and to encourage everyone else to do the
same.  There is a box in the club house where you can drop the cans
off when you pick up your mail. Quite convenient!!  The income from
the cans helps to fund the wood shop for miscellaneous item ie. toilet
paper, paper towels, band aids, saw blades, light bulbs..etc..
  Thank you and will see you some Tuesday,  Ken Bell

Nov 10


Will you please let everyone know that the mail person is now leaving the overflow of packages  in the billard room.  Be sure and check there. Thank you, Lana

Sep 15

Lifesaving AED device

VACCA has acquired an Automated External Defibrillator , thanks to the efforts of Colleen Adams. Although the device leads you through how to use it with voice commands, Colleen will be organizing classes in the near future for those of you who would like to become more familiar with the device. Below is a link to a video about the device.

Aug 27

Rule Reminders

Landscaper access to Common & Limited Common Areas

It’s come to the Boards attention that some of our residents are telling the landscapers they cannot work in areas near their units.  This means that those residents do not understand VACCA’s authority and responsibility relative to Limited Common Areas and Common Areas.

It should go without saying that VACCA has total responsibility for all Common Areas so I will address owner versus VACCA responsibilities relative to Limited Common Areas.

Limited Common Areas consist of patio area, deck or lanai as shown or designated as a “Limited Common Area” on the Survey Map and Plans.  Also included are parking spaces (if any) and driving areas which are assigned to a unit as shown on the Survey Map and Plans.  These areas are reserved to the exclusive use of the unit owner to which they are adjacent or assigned. (See Section 7.1 of our Declaration CC&Rs for the complete legal description.)

Even though these areas are reserved to the exclusive use of the unit owner, decisions with respect to the standard of appearance and condition of Limited Common Areas are the responsibility of the Board.  (See Section 11.5.3.(a), Declaration CC&Rs.)  Also, maintenance work (landscaping) shall be carried out in these areas by the Board on behalf of the owner (See Section 11.5.3 (b) CC&Rs.)

Relative to landscaping, the Board has assigned the responsibility to the Landscaping Committee and the Landscaping Committee has contracted with a landscaping company to perform specified maintenance – all directed and approved by the Board.

Since the Board has responsibility described above , the landscaping company must be able to perform the work defined by its contract.  No owner or resident may interfere with this activity.

VACCA has in place procedures for owners to make special requests which may deviate from our R&Rs for landscaping.  All special requests require the owner to submit a LANDSCAPING REPORTING FORM to the Landscaping Committee and require both Landscaping Committee and Board approval.  Some approvals require all future maintenance to be performed by the owner (and subsequent owners).  Forms are provided next to the Bulletin Board in the clubhouse.

To summarize, unless there is a previously authorized exception, residents may not preclude our contracted landscapers from performing their landscaping and groundskeeping tasks in either the Common Areas or Limited Common Areas adjacent to their units.

Guest Use of Pool & Spa

Another concern raised at our last Board meeting was about adult children of residents using our pool and spa facilities without a resident present.  Our pool and spa facilities are popular for our residents’ guests, particularly children and grandchildren.   While we like having these facilities available for guestsuse, all residents should understand the requirement that the resident must be at the pool area when guests use those facilities.  Specifically:

“Any guest of a Village at Cordata resident, regardless of age, must be accompanied by an adult resident who is totally responsible for the conduct and safety of the guest at all times.” – from page 12 of our Rules and Regulations

I hope these comments are a sufficient reminder of these particular rules and regulations that may have been forgotten by some residents.

Any questions may be directed to Larry Allen, VACCA president.

Jul 06

Parking Issue

When we have visitors it’s nice to have extra nearby parking to accommodate them.  Visitors can be for a few hours to several (or more) days.  We (VACCA) would like to ensure these accommodations are available to all visitors.  However, we have some limitations and considerations that must be taken into account. 

For example, all of our roads must allow for access by emergency vehicles – at all times.  This is our primary concern so we have rules governing any blocking of our roads.  Basically, under no circumstances may anyone (owner or visitor) park in any location that would prevent an emergency vehicle from access or passing through.

Also, since our visitor parking is quite limited and we want it available for visitors, we limit owner usage of visitor parking.  Basically, owners are not allowed to park in visitor parking (special exceptions can be approved by the Board).

The above two considerations dictate almost all of our parking rules and regulations. 

An added consideration is that some units have no parking in front of their garages.  This creates challenges for those owners when visitors arrive.  They must find the nearest visitor parking spot which may not be close and may be difficult to see (unmarked). 

To aid with this situation, we decided to mark the visitor parking so it’s clear where visitors can park and owners should not park.

That brings us to the questions of “How long can a visitor park in a visitor parking space?”  We have, previously via our rules and regulations, limited the length of time to three days (72 hrs.).  To accommodate longer stays (and larger vehicles/RVs) the RV lot can be used on a space available basis.  This requires coordination with the RV Lot committee chair.  Three days are free but any longer requires a monthly payment that is equal to the amount owners pay (currently $10/mo.).

With some complaints from residents about visitors parking for long periods of time in parking spaces (greater than 72 hrs.), owners parking in visitor parking spaces and owners & visitors parking in locations that obstruct emergency vehicle access, the Board decided to do the following:

  1. Place signs at some designated visitor parking spaces that clearly mark them for visitors and the amount of time they can stay parked there.
  2. Place a reminder in the quarterly newsletter about our parking rules.
  3. Send out a reminder about our parking rules via EVN (VACCA’s email system).
  4. Post the parking rules and regulations on our website (
  5. For continued violations, use the notification system we put in place last year and if the violations continue, apply fines. This has never been needed since owners & visitors have complied with the rules upon notification of the violation.  Violators generally don’t know the rules or have forgotten them.  This is why we are putting the “reminder” system in place.

At our May Board meeting we discuss whether to mark the visitor parking spaces by painting (using stencils) or by using signs.  The Board decided on signs since they were deemed to be more visible, less expensive and last longer.  John was asked to provide an example for consideration.  At the June Board meeting John presented an example sign but the Board (with attendee input) decided on a smaller sign with more pleasant colors (green rather than black & white).  John made the color change and posted the sign at a parking space on N. Village Ln. for review.

The majority of our residents have not weighed in either pro or con.  However, the limited community feedback has been largely negative and that the sign disrupts our “park like” atmosphere too much. 

In view of community feedback, the Board has decided to abandon our sign approach.  Our “talk to the offender” has worked well for the most part for 30 years.  The addition of our “Reminder” program may be sufficient to minimize the problem.  But to make it work, we need your support.  Please learn & follow the rules and share that information with all of your visitors. 

Larry Allen

President, VACCA

Mar 30

Security Gates

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