B & R Phase Concept

May 22


B&R has broken painting down into five phases that roughly, but not totally, mirror the VACCA original construction phases.  The plan divides the total number of buildings into the five near equal groups to be painted over five years.  (See the phase groupings on page 3).  The purpose of phasing is to spread the cost of painting all of our buildings over five years.  This phasing concept is also generally used with siding, window and garage door projects covered by replacement funding.  The Reserve Fund contributions we make each month reflect this concept to ensure we have needed funding available before each project begins.  We are currently in Phase II of the painting cycle.

Painting is our buildings’ primary protection against the elements and must always be in good order.  The paint we use is of excellent quality and is expected to last seven years or more.  Our phased approach is five years of painting (the five phases) and two years off.  That is, we have a seven year cycle with most of the expenses for the major projects spread over five of those years


Our painting contracts include the painting of all exterior surfaces and are bid that way.  Since siding, windows and garage doors, when replaced, also require painting, B&R tries to make sure this work is done prior to painting for each phase.  This ensures the work is included in the general cost of painting for that phase.  If done outside of a planned phase (e.g., emergency replacement), we incur an added cost to have them painted, which can be substantial.  Therefore B&R focuses on completing necessary siding, window and garage door replacements prior each phase of painting.  It is also why painting is scheduled later in the year (in addition to the weather being better) to allow for the completion of those projects.

Note that “emergency” repair and replacements will occur when needed and will incur the additional cost of painting unless it happens to fall into a current phase before scheduled painting has begun for that phase.


Just as painting protects siding, siding protects a building’s sub-structure.  Siding is crucial to a building’s structural integrity and with proper maintenance reduces the risk of costly sub-structure repairs over the long term.  In the past, rotten siding has, at times, been painted over which led to expensive repairs and replacement of not only siding but building sub-structure elements.  This is why B&R now includes a siding assessment in our five year painting cycle.  Any siding that will not protect the sub-structure until the next cycle year for that phase (i.e., seven years) will be replaced in the current cycle.  This is a judgment call by B&R with input from siding experts.  Any replacements required between cycles will be accomplished following our emergency process.


To a limited extent window replacement is also linked to the painting phases.  Phases I & II of the current five phases are complete.  Phase III replacements are planned for 2019.  However, since phases I & II were done before our new guidelines, B&R plans to review both of those phases yet this year following the new guidelines.  Any additional new windows in Phase I or II buildings identified as needing replacement under our new guidelines will be addressed by next year’s budget (we have no non-emergency window replacement budget remaining this year).  It is our desire to get any new window replacements identified for Phase I & II buildings replaced in 2019.  However, this will depend on our normal budget process which also must accommodate Phase III window replacements.

Garage Doors

As with siding and windows, garage doors in each phase will be assessed and as necessary will be replaced during the phase for that group of buildings to gain the benefit of reduced painting costs.  Similar to siding and windows, any emergency replacements will incur added painting costs.


The sixth year of the current cycle is 2022; no major painting, siding, etc. is planned for this year or 2023.  Currently, the basic plan is the entire cycle will start again in the next year - 2024 (every seven years).  So in this case, 2024 would be Phase I of the next painting, siding, etc. cycle. 

Note – the amount of siding requiring replacement should diminish significantly after the current cycle because we are replacing anything we can with Hardie Board which lasts for a very long time.  Similarly, since the original wood garage doors are being replaced with metal doors, replacements should be significantly reduced after the current cycle.  This will all be taken into consideration during our Reserve Study and yearly budget creation processes.

Phase Groupings
(defines which buildings are included in each phase)

Phase I (completed in 2017)            Phase II (to be completed in 2018)         Phase III (planned for 2019)

1.            4881   A & B NVL                              1.   4851    A & B   NVL                         1.           4630    A & B  VD                  

2.            4878   A & B NVL                              2.   4850    A & B   NVL                         2.           4625    A & B   VD                

3.            4877   A & B NVL                              3.   1230                WVL                        3.           4600    A & B    VD                

4.            4874   A & B NVL                              4.   1229    A & B   WVL                        4.           4585    A & B   VD                

5.            4871   A & B NVL                              5.   1220    A & B   WVL                        5.           4563    VD

6.            4868   A & B NVL                              6.   1217    A & B   WVL                        6.           4553    A & B   VD                

7.            4867              NVL                              7.   1205    A & B   WVL                        7.           4550    A & B   VD                  

8.            4866   A & B NVL                              8.   1202    A & B   WVL                        8.           4425    VD

9.            4864   A & B NVL                              9.   4750    A & B   VD                           9.           4409    A & B   VD                

10.           4863   A & B NVL                              10. 4743    A & B   VD                           10.           4380    A & B   VD              

11.           4860   A & B NVL                              11. 4720    A & B   VD                           11.           4377    A & B   VD                

12.           4858   A & B NVL                              12. 4711    A & B   VD                           12.           4355    A & B   VD                

13.           4856   A & B NVL                              13. 4843                VD

14.           4855   A & B NVL                              14. 4650    A & B   VD

15.           4852              NVL                              15. 4645    A & B   VD

Phase IV (planned for 2020)                (Phase V (planned for 2021)                 

1.            4848              VD (CH)                        1.   1153    A & B   EVL                             

2.            4350   A & B VD                                2.   1150    A & B   EVL

3.            4315   A & B VD                                3.   1223    A & B   EVL

4.            4310   A & B VD                                4.   1230    A & B   EVL

5.            4259   A & B VD                                5.   1301    A & B   EVL

6.            4220   A & B VD                                6.   1339    A & B   EVL

7.            4201   A & B VD                                7.   1354    A & B   EVL

8.            4143   A & B VD                                8.   1379    A & B   EVL

9.            4121              VD                                9.   1427    A & B   EVL

10.           4103   A & B VD                                10. 1430    A & B   EVL

11.           4039   A & B VD                                11. 1495    A & B   EVL

12.           4005   A & B VD                                12. 1498    A & B   EVL