2018-8-9 Board Meeting

Aug 13




                                      AUGUST 9, 2018


The meeting was called to order at ten a.m. by President Larry Allen.  Present were Board members:  Bob Rose, Henry Mitchell, Claire Gatter, Barbara Fletcher, Katie Sherwood, Toni Whitmyre, Dan Keller and Lana Mills.

With sadness, Larry announced the sudden passing of neighbor, Margaret Eisenhardt, wife of John, our Building & Roads Chairman.

Our condolences to John and his family.

The minutes from last month’s meeting were approved as written.


As of July 31, the O&M fund balance was $19,928 and the Replacement fund balance was $61,962 for a total of $81,890.  The in-house audit has been done.

In early September, a 2019 Budget Committee will be formed.  Anyone interested in being a part of the committee is invited to attend.  Members must attend three or four meetings, chaired by Toni.


Two work orders need approval.  One for a cracked skylight on West Village ($790.00) and another for a damaged window on Village Dr ($1,420.00).  The Board approved the work orders.  A new deck on East Village is approved and an air conditioning unit was also okayed.

Exterior painting is expected to finish next week.  John and Pat will do a walk-through with Scott upon completion.

Five crawl space covers and four dryer vents were replaced.

A bid of $48,000 has been received for 60 new windows for Phase 3 and completion of Phase 1 and 2.  Work to be done in 2019.

A bid was received from Boss Construction in the amount of $44,000 for correcting drainage problems along the trail in the “park” area.

A bid is pending for washing and painting on just the exteriors of some gutters in need of attention

Peter dealt with a bee problem and the homeowner and Peter will monitor the area for any further outbreaks.

CLUBHOUSE:  No report


The committee will begin meeting again on September 2.  Anyone interested is invited to attend.

CONDO SALES:  Lana Mills

All sales have closed.  No units for sale at this time.  Eleven units sold in 2018 thus far.  We have five rentals, currently.


Henry is still seeking a replacement chairman for this committee.

Contact Henry is you are interested.


Todd and his crew are making another loop through the Village doing basic pruning.  They’ve completed North and West Village and are now working their way up Village Drive,

Todd requests that if you have any yard waste, you bag or box it and have it on the curb by noon.  After noon on Thursday, it should be put in your own garbage can.

At this point, the sprinkler system is scheduled to be shut down for the season on September 24th.  It can be delayed if this weather continues.

POOL AND SPA:  Paul Grey

The facilities are being well used this summer.  Please shower before using the pool/spa.  Rinse well as soap foam is showing up in the spa and dirt in the pool.  The committee will be washing the windows inside and out and vacuuming.  Windows that need it will be caulked with the goal of keeping the pool/spa open year round.

Nettie reports that the pool exercise classes are well attended.

Ron K. said the pump probably will last only a few more years at which time, he recommends replacing it with a whisper pump which will greatly reduce the pump noise.

RV LOT:  David Blackshaw

David is preparing a new schedule (weekly) for RV lot lockup.  Please let David know if you’d be willing to volunteer.  Pinpointing the electricity spike in the lot/woodshop in recent months is difficult and Toni reports that the Puget Sound Energy bill is now back to normal levels anyway.  The issue of muddy areas in the car wash space was discussed.  Roy said without proper drainage, the addition of more gravel will do no good in the long run.  As the problem of drainage throughout VACCA is being addressed, this area will be investigated with the rest.  Roy said there is a hose connected at the back of the woodshop which could also be used for car washing.  This hose is only available until the cold weather returns.

Also please remember to spin the lock tumblers after locking up the gate.


No incidents this past month.  The Security Planning Group received a bid to place gates at the June Road trail entry point and at the Division Trail entry point.  The bid was high.  Ron K is seeking other bids.  BP Officer Alexander has been invited to speak to the community some time in the next months.  He will be accompanied by a 911 call center operator.  The Security Planning Group is meeting on Tuesday, August 21 at two p.m. in the clubhouse.  Anyone wishing to weigh in on the path gating issue is welcome to attend.

Claire Gatter talked to VACCA contractors about clubhouse keys in their possession and has accounted and recorded the information.  Contractors will surrender the keys to security upon completion of their jobs.

SOCIAL:  Pat Hood

This month’s happy hour in the clubhouse was well attended and, happily, new residents joined in the fun.  Welcome Dick and Dorothy McKenney from West Village.

This month:   12th   Picnic on the Green

14th   Ladies lunch at Anthonys

26th   Grill Out

30th   Out to Dinner at Jalapenos

Please see the clubhouse bulletin board for all the information.

WEBSITE:  Henry Mitchell

Another website training class is in the planning.  Our website is

vacca.life   If you are having any trouble with the website, Henry is available and even makes house calls.

WELCOME:  Carol Haselden

Four units with new owners will be called on in September when their move-ins are complete.

WOODSHOP:  Roy Teeter

Roy thanked the Board for approving a trash can for the woodshop, he thanked whoever cleaned the bathroom and he thanked Ed for cleaning out the old paint.   Good job, everyone!

Roy, Ron and David are asking that no unauthorized items are to be “dumped” at the RVlot/woodshop.  All items going into the area must be preapproved by one of them.  And items left after 30 days will become the property of VACCA and may be disposed of.


Dan Keller reported that the Reserve Study has been updated to reflect last year and this year’s figures.  John Eisenhardt has provided input (future expenses) which has also been entered.  A meeting is being planned to explain the Reserve Study.  Everyone is invited.  Dan will advise the date/time via VACCA email.


In answer to Larry’s question about responsibility for the safety of residents with health issues, the VACCA lawyer assured Larry that the Association has no liability.  The lawyer also said that by adherence to our governing documents, we should have no problems.  The fee for his advice was $50.00.


Larry contacted Rice Insurance with questions about a resident’s water damage and the steps necessary to get it fixed.  For repairs under $2,500, the owner is responsible for the entire payment.  The owner may make the repair using VACCA-approved contractors and submit the invoice to their insurance if they choose.  If the repair amount is over $2,500 and it’s a VACCA covered loss, VACCA will make the repair and charge the owner for VACCA’s deductible of $2,500.  The owner can then submit the $2,500 charge to their insurance company if they choose.  If the owner’s insurance company wishes to contact VACCA’s insurance company, the contact is Joe Williams at 360-734-1161.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 11:15, it was seconded and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary

Next meeting:  September 13, 2018