2018-7-12 Board Meeting

Jul 18



JULY 12, 2018


The meeting was called to order at ten a.m. by President Larry Allen.  Present were Board members:  Dan Keller, Barbara Fletcher, Claire Gatter, Bob Rose, Toni Whitmyre, Katie Sherwood and Lana Mills.  Henry Mitchell was out of town.  Twenty-four residents also attended.


The Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved as written.



As of June 30, the O&M fund balance was $36,523 and the Replacement fund balance was $44,172 for a total of $80,695.  The in-house audit has been done.



A siding company representative is preparing a bid for siding repair, and painting, for Phase 3 (Summer 2019).  So far, the current siding looks good.  Lyndale Glass has submitted a bid for $42,000 for 50 replacement windows for Phases 1, 2, and 3.  Boss Construction is still in the process of preparing a bid to repair our drainage system.

The pipe from 4550 Village Drive to the creek has collapsed and will need to be replaced also.

Some residents are concerned that painting has not been completed on their units.  John will be making an inspection with Scott, the painter.


CLUBHOUSE:  No report


CONDO SALES:  Lana Mills

Helen Ebright’s sale to John Kirby and Patricia Carman will close on July 24, Harold and Susan Katz sale to Kenneth and Lynn Bell will close on August 1.  Six units remain rented.  No units are for sale at this time.






The catch basin is now completely mowed.  The crew will finish pruning on East Village and then start over with later-blooming rhodies and boxwood on North Village.  Bubs reminds everyone to be sure and submit a work-order for needed work in their yards.  Verbal requests may, probably will, be forgotten.


POOL AND SPA:  Paul Grey

The P&S committee met to share information and define goals, one of which is to keep the facilities open year round.  Paul is working on a pool and spa care “manual” which will be posted in the pool maintenance room.  The recent problem with the bromine levels in the pool and spa has been solved.  Paul asks that the doors into the pool area remain closed at all times for safety.  The committee is looking for another pool maintenance company as a backup for Ed.

Paul emphasized that users always please bathe before entering the pool and spa.

The spa is not to be used by children under the age of 12.  The high temperature of the water slows the heart and, for a child, it can be very dangerous.  Paul will look into updating the signage in the pool and spa area.

Since redoing the maintenance room, there is a persistent hum heard throughout the building due to a pump having been attached to a wall.  Ron K is looking into a solution.

Nettie has begun a pool exercise program being held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15.   All are welcome.



On the morning of June 21, an unlocked car parked in the clubhouse parking lot near the VACCA sign was prowled and a few items, including the keys to the car, were taken.

The Security Planning team is meeting Tuesday, July 17, to continue discussing new security measures, such as blocking trail entrances into VACCA, cameras, etc.   Colleen suggested temporary badges to identify contract workers in the Village.




RV LOT:  David Blackshaw

The months we experienced electrical spikes in the woodshop/rvlot power bill is still a mystery, but many ideas were discussed.  Toni reports that the bill has dropped significantly, although it is still more than double last year’s amount.  David will look into the feasibility of using meters to track and charge any vehicle users of electricity.

David is installing a new lock on the gate which should make it easier to use.


WOODSHOP:  Roy Teeter

Roy reminds that the woodshop is open to all residents of the Village.

A motion was made, seconded and the Board approved having Sanitary Services deliver a trashcan to the woodshop/rv lot, scheduling pickup every other week.  Toni will make the arrangements.

It was noted that some contractors have keys to our woodshop and clubhouse but it was not clear who provided them.  In addition, the keys are not recorded in our key tracking system.  We will identify all keys not in our system and make sure they are added.  Also we will ensure when contractors finish their tasks, the keys are returned so they will be available for other users when needed.


SOCIAL:  Carol Haselden

Carol read this month’s schedule of fun activities and encouraged everyone to use the sign-up sheets in the clubhouse.


WEBSITE:  No report


WELCOME:  Carol Haselden

Four new residents will be visited when they have moved in.



Larry questioned what ever happened to handyman Peter’s picture which was to be posted in the clubhouse.


Dan reports that the 2018 Reserve Study overview has been put on a temporary hold.  A current budget concern has taken precedence.  At a committee meeting to discuss the concern, it was recommended the Board consider providing each committee having a budget (i.e. Buildings and Roads, Landscaping, Pool and Spa and Management) monthly updates on their actual expenditures so they can be aware of any anomalies as soon as they occur.  In addition, they recommended all committees having a budget gather quarterly to confirm their budgets are on track and discuss how to handle any issues that may have occurred.  The Board agreed to this plan.


Questions were raised by attending residents about the reserve fund balance.  Dan and Larry explained that the reserve fund drops in the summer months due to the cost of work being done in the Village, such as siding, painting, windows, sidewalk repair, etc.  In the fall, the fund will begin to rebuild.

The Board was happy to see the interest shown by residents in the financials of the Association and encourage everyone who is interested to join the budget planning committee in September and/or offer their help to the 2018 Reserve Study overview team.  Dan said he’d be happy to sit down with anyone to explain all he can.


Of concern to the residents of the Village is the health and wellbeing of all our citizens.  To that end, Nettie and Barbara contacted senior services and returned with information which is now available in the clubhouse.  Larry will contact our attorney to confirm our belief that the Association has no liability if something unfortunate occurs.


There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Lana Mills, Secretary


Next meeting:  Thursday, August 9, 2018