2018-3-8 Board Meeting

Mar 12

MARCH 8, 2018

The meeting was called to order at ten a.m. by President Larry Allen. Present were Board members: Pat Bergner, Ron Dickerson, Claire Gatter, Dan Keller, Bob Rose, and Lana Mills. Absent were
Henry Mitchell and Toni Whitmyer. Also attending were 22 residents.

The minutes from last month’s meeting were approved as written.

All bills have been paid and the Operating Fund balance was $35,063 as of February 28, 2018. The Replacement Funds balance was $125,429. Last year’s financial records are with the auditor and we hope it will be completed by next month’s meeting.
Also, an inspector from our insurance company was here this week to look us over and was pleased. He did encourage all of us to have carbon dioxide and smoke alarms installed in our homes.

Larry introduced John to everyone and said John had agreed to act as B&R committee chairman for one year. John is a former building inspector. Since early January, he has spent time acquainting himself with all things VACCA and working with Pat Bergner. Since February 1, 23 work orders have been resolved. Seven new garage doors have been installed, with one more to be done.
Water in the crawlspace under 4852 NVL is being addressed now with electric issues next. Efforts are being made to resolve the drainage problems in that area. It may be necessary to replace some street drains.
Roy Teeter reported that there is a “roto-rooter” type drain cleaner stored in the woodshop, if needed.
Necessary siding replacement has started in preparation of the next painting phase which will probably begin in April. The siding contract does not include gutters. D-2 units have proved the worst for gutter problems.
All residents should report sightings of wild creatures and are asked to check their foundation vents for any sign of pest entry. We are frequently visited by raccoons, possums, rats and squirrels and, if given the chance, they can do a lot of damage. In an effort to cut their population down, everyone is asked to please not feed the birds. (Hummers okay.)
A list of suggested VACCA vendors is being prepared and will appear on the bulletin board as well as the website. These vendors have provided good service to VACCA and the Building and Roads Committee feels confident to pass their names along for anyone who may need them.

CLUBHOUSE: No report

The sale of the B unit at 4355A Village Drive (Zatylny) is expected to close on March 23 to Kristine Kincaid. Six units, out of a possible seven, have been rented out.

There will be a EP exercise in June (date to be announced) that will mainly affect North Village Lane, West VL and some units on Village Drive.


All crabapple trees have been pruned and hydrangeas deadheaded and pruned. Most of the lawns were mowed on Wednesday. Next up is flowerbed cleanup and trimming of vine maple trees.
On Monday, March 12, two trees are coming down. One fir tree is dead and a sweet gum is dying. The bid was for $1,060.
Todd and his crew request that they not be interrupted while they are operating machinery.
And, please, use the landscape work order forms.

POOL AND SPA: Ron Kowalski
Ron has been advised that Farmers Insurance will pay VACCA $6,000 for the damage done by A-1 Reglazing. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the $6,000 settlement.
Henry did a search of the Rules and Regs and found that to abandon the spa altogether would require a full vote of the owners. Closing up the spa is estimated to cost $4,000-5,000. (VACCA has already spent $12,000-$16,000.)
B&J Fiberglass gave a bid of $13,316 to repair the spa and return it to fully functioning. A lengthy discussion was held about whether to accept the bid or abandon the project, with the majority of the Board leaning to accepting the bid. A show of hands of the attending residents was held with an overwhelming YES vote. A motion was then made to spend $8,000 to repair the spa. It was seconded and approved by the Board. Two members voted no.
*****Ron again asked for a volunteer to do once-a-week small maintenance chores which would save us the $5,000/yr we now pay to the pool company. The job entails checking gauges, changing filters, etc. and requires no special training.

Bob said it has been quiet, but some NVL residents reported hearing what sounded like gunshots last Saturday night. (3/3/18)

RV LOT: No Report

SOCIAL: Pat Hood
A Happy Hour will be held in the clubhouse at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, March 14, followed by the VACCA Annual Meeting at 6:30. Bob Reynolds has agreed to give a talk about the VACCA website which usually results in a spirited discussion with questions answered.

WEBSITE: No Report

WELCOME: No Report


Larry reminded everyone that we need a quorum to have the Annual Meeting. If you are unable to attend, it is very important that you turn in your proxy.
A supply of blank proxies will be available at the bulletin board in the clubhouse if you need one.

Larry, on behalf of the Association, thanked owner, Jim Sands, for all the work he has done to keep VACCA on the FHA approved list. This must be done every two years.

There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary

The next Monthly Board meeting will be held on April 12, 2018.