2018.09.13 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Sep 18

September 13, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Allen at ten a.m. Present were Board members: Claire Gatter, Henry Mitchell, Bob Rose, Toni Whitmyre, Katie Sherwood, Dan Keller, Barbara Fletcher, and Lana Mills. Twenty-two residents also attended.

The Minutes from the August 9 meeting were approved as written.

The O&M fund balance at the end of August was $11,962 and the Replacement fund was $58,891 for a total of $70,853. The in-house audit is complete for July 31, 2018.

Two outstanding work orders will be completed by the end of this month, involving windows and skylights, approved by the Board last month.
Scott, the painter, completed a walk-about with John and Pat Bergner inspecting Scott’s work. Some caulking was found to be faulty and Scott will be fixing it. John will contact Scott about providing an updated contract for next year that includes less units(to match our phase III list) and adds a privacy fence.
Work was done in the crawl space at 4750 and new screens were installed on the foundation vents at 4553.
Drainage solutions are still being addressed by Boss Construction. In the meantime, Cordova Construction will fix the flooding problems at 4630B Village Drive.
Peter, the handyman, has returned from vacation.
*****This committee needs volunteers. It is not a one-man job. Please, if you can help, contact John.

CLUBHOUSE: Jackie Smith
Two fire extinguishers have been serviced and a new one purchased and installed in the pool area. Thank you, Bruce, for installing the bracket and repairing the “Exit” sign over the backdoor. The heating and air conditioning unit has had its annual maintenance.
CONDO SALES: No report

The committee had its first meeting and the result will be posted on the clubhouse bulletin board.


The irrigation system has been shut off for the year due to rain. It will not be turned on again until June.
It has been suggested that anyone who would like to be involved or learn the “blowing the lines for winter” process, let Todd or Bubs know. It involves a few hours and raingear.
Fall fertilizer application upcoming in October.
Greenscapes’ contract (Todd) expires this year. It has a 3rd-year option which the landscape committee recommends we exercise. Todd is agreeable and the terms of the contract remain the same,
A vote by the Board was unanimous to extend the contract and Bubs
will prepare an agreement to be signed by Todd, Bubs, Toni and Larry, the Board President.

The exterior wall in the pool area is being anchored. New signage for the pool and spa and instructions for the machine room are in the works.

At approximately 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning, alerted by the sound of a car, Tina Swanson on North Village Lane, saw a person testing the car doors of her neighbors. Two cars were entered and rifled, but nothing was taken. The police responded to Tina’s 911. (Case
#18B53583, Officer Lyons). Bob reminds everyone to remove valuables and lock your car doors.
The Security Planning committee has submitted a budget request for locked chain link gates at the Division street trail and June Road VACCA property entrance points, as well as new shrubbery to close the gaps in the perimeter landscaping. Some test shrubs have been planted along the buffer to the west. Faux cameras (for now), with signs, will be placed at the vehicle entrances and at the woodshop.

RV LOT: No report

SOCIAL: Pat Hood
Signup sheets are at the clubhouse bulletin board for: Monday, Sept. 24 birthday celebration at the clubhouse; out-to-dinner on Sept. 27th at Steakhouse 9 in Lynden; and on Sept. 30 the last grill-out will be held.

WEBSITE: Henry Mitchell
A website training session will be held on Wednesday, Sept 26th, at ten a.m. Bring your laptop or other device if you like (tho’ not necessary), and Henry will help you access the VACCA website and walk you through its many facets.

WELCOME: Carol Haselden
New residents, Dick and Dorothy McKenney, were visited.

WOODSHOP: Roy Teeter
At the suggestion of law enforcement, the “Woodshop” sign is gone and replaced with a security sign. Ron K will help install LED lighting. Eight fixtures will be replaced.

The new Reserve Study is almost complete with just a few minor changes to be entered. A meeting is being planned to introduce and explain the Reserve Study to all residents. The date will be

A committee of 14 residents has been formed to work on the 2019 budget. Henry Mitchell agreed to be chairman. The committee will meet once a week in September and present the proposed budget to the Board at the October 11 Board meeting. (Each standing committee, Landscape, B&R, etc. has already presented their funding needs request for 2019.) After careful study and adjustments, if necessary, the Board will approve the budget at the November 8th meeting.
After approval by the Board, each owner will be given printed copies of the budget. A VACCA meeting for owners hosted by the Board and the Budget Committee will be held at the December coffee (12/6) to answer any questions.
On December 19th, a vote on the budget by all owners will be held.
While the votes are being counted, the VACCA annual meeting will
Officer Dante Alexander of the Bellingham Police Department has been invited to speak at a meeting of VACCA residents about safety and security. He will be accompanied by a 911 Dispatcher. Carol Haselden requested we move Officer Alexander’s presentation, which was planned for the Budget vote meeting on Dec. 19, to an earlier date which would allow more snowbirds to attend.
We ask all residents who receive mail not intended for them, mark the envelope with the delivery error and put it in the outgoing mail box in the billiard room. Please do not hand deliver it and leave it
on someone’s porch or door.
We are reminded that there are rules governing visitor parking. No
long-term parking is allowed. Longer than 24 hours should be done in an owner’s driveway, or garage.

There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary