2017-12-14 Board Meeting

Jan 13

DECEMBER 14, 2017

The meeting was called to order at ten a.m. by President Larry Allen. Present were Board members: Ron Dickerson, Pat Bergner, Henry Mitchell, Claire Gatter, Bob Rose, Toni Whitmyre and Lana Mills. Board member, Steve Carney was unable to attend.
A motion was made to accept, as written, the Minutes from last month’s meeting. The motion was seconded and carried.

Toni reports that as of November 30, the balance in the O&M fund was $23,066 and the Replacement Fund was at $126,185 for a total of $149,251. The bills are paid and Ron Beall has completed the in-house audit.

Bids for gutter cleaning are being sought. The painting and siding contracts for 2018 are in place.

CLUBHOUSE: Jackie Smith
No report, but Jackie thanked everyone who has been working so hard on the Clubhouse Committee.

CONDO SALES: Toni Whitmyre
In Ron’s absence, Toni reports that the unit at 4850 A North Village Drive (Ken Johnson) has been sold to Mr. Alan Jewell and will close on Dec. 27. It (a “B” unit) was sold for its asking price of $330,000.

Larry’s report has been posted on the Clubhouse bulletin board.

Henry reports that some new Rules and Regulations have been posted on the Website. These include a Schedule of Fines that can be imposed for violations of the R&R and clarification of the R&R as they pertain to VACCA parking, which were updated due to the Fire Marshal’s statement that our streets are too narrow for “on-street” parking. Also, Henry displayed the new “Friendly Reminder” that will be put on vehicles that are not parked according to the R&R.
A motion was made and seconded to formally amend the R&R to include the new parking rules. The motion passed.

Last week, fertilizer (small white granules) was put down on the lawns. Leaf removal is slowing down and the crew expects to be finished next week. There are still some dog clean-up issues at a rental on Village Drive.

POOL AND SPA: Karen Jackson and Ron Kowalski
The work in the mechanical room continues and should be finished in a few days. The work revealed that the pump was in disrepair and fixing it would cost about $250. A new pump costs about $600, also the filter needed to be replaced and the committee asked for a water quality meter. Other minor repairs need to be done. A motion was made to spend no more than $2,300, it was seconded and passed with one no vote.

No incidents to report, but Bob brought us up to date on the various construction projects happening in our neighborhood.
Someone drove their car through the landscape at our main entry and wiped out a rhodie. The landscape crew removed the debris.

RV LOT: David Blackshaw
Dave is preparing a listing of the RV lots with assigned renters and will post it at the woodshop. Jim Rhone is now dealing with the aluminum recycling and doing a great job, Dave added.

SOCIAL: Pat Hood
The VACCA happy hour this month was well attended. Coming up is the cookie exchange and craft show on Tues. Dec. 19. On the 29th it’s “out to dinner” and on Dec 31, the New Year’s party.

WELCOME: No report

WOOD SHOP: No report

Bob Reynolds was on hand to give a visual update on the Website which has some exciting new features. In addition to the Events Calendar and Directory, there is now FAQ, and a Map of the Village. The Map of the Village identifies Emergency Preparedness areas, each Area Coordinator and Gathering Sites and Care Centers. But easily the coolest feature is the ability to mouse over a unit and have a popup display who lives there. Frequently Asked Questions will expand when new questions are asked that impact all of us.
The Village owes a great debt of gratitude to Bob for all his hard work. So be nice to him and tip your hat!

Larry announced that our Steve Carney has resigned from the Board and as Building and Roads Chairman, effective Jan. 1. (There was a collective unhappy sigh in the room.) The Board is looking into options, including hiring an outside maintenance manager. Pat Bergner will continue on the committee. Please contact Pat if you have any ideas or are interested in joining the committee.
*****Nettie Jungers advised that the next Village Voice Newsletter will be coming out in January.
*****Larry announced the results of the 2018 Budget vote. It passed with 77 votes, 73 to ratify and 4 nos. This means that beginning in January, we’ve agreed to increase our dues as follows:

A Units  go up $16 to $348
B Units go up $16 to $357
C Units go up $16 to $373
D-1 Units go up $17 to $380
D-2 Units go up $16 to $405
E Units go up $18 to $471
F Units go up $18 to $503

The meeting was adjourned at 11 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary