Nov 13

November 9, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Allen at ten a.m. All Board members were present and 22 residents attended.

A motion was made to approve, as written, the minutes of last month’s meeting. It was seconded and passed.

As of October 31, the O&M fund balance was $34,198 and the Replacement fund balance was $118,160. All bills have been paid and Ron Beall has completed the in-house audit.

Complaints about gutters have been received. Gutter cleaning will be attended to after most all the leaves have fallen.
The bathrooms in the clubhouse will soon have handrails installed and the balance of garage door dams should all be in place in the units that require it, by week’s end.
DO NOT feed wildlife, feral cats, birds, etc. Once again it has cost us money to trap 34 squirrels and two 30-lb. raccoons. If you suspect rats or squirrels are in your walls, call Pat Bergner at 360-734-5762. Please check your crawl space opening, make sure the cover is tight and put something heavy, like bricks, on top of it.

CLUBHOUSE: Jackie Smith
The carpet has been cleaned.

CONDO SALES: No report

Larry’s report has been posted on the clubhouse bulletin board.


The irrigation lines have been cleaned and 12 more breaks were detected which will be fixed in June when the water comes back on.
The lawns have been mowed this week for probably the last time until Spring. Todd reported some yards had dog poop that had not been cleaned up by the owners. One area had eight piles.
Todd also spotted a coyote in the retention pond and a half-eaten duck near the creek at the clubhouse. Be mindful of your pets.
The trees still have a lot of leaves which the crew will be cleaning up for a few more weeks.
Several limbs came down in the last windstorm. One was 10” across at the base and fell only three feet from the path. For your safety, please stay off the trails in a wind storm.

POOL AND SPA: Karen Jackson
The renovation of the mechanics room to bring it up to code has been rescheduled for Nov. 27-Dec. 1. This work will require the pool area to be closed for the duration. Some equipment may be moved out to the pool area. A notice will be posted and an email sent to owners.

No incidents to report. Bob has talked to the Parks Dept about the standing of the proposed trail planned for the west side of the retention pond and was told there was no plan for 2018. It was not a priority as the Dept was concentrating on Cordata Park.

RV LOT: No report

SOCIAL: Jackie Smith
The Harvest Dinner tonight is expecting 36 diners. The ladies lunch will be at Anthony’s on Nov. 14, Birthdays will be celebrated on Nov. 27 and the VACCA Dine Out will be at the Olive Garden on Nov. 30.

WEBSITE: Henry Mitchell
VACCA residents now have the ability to ask questions of the Board, for example, on the website. Also installed is a “search” feature for finding information in the Minutes. Residents are asked to post their picture on their profile. Toni maintains the social calendar.
This committee meets every Wednesday at one p.m. All are invited.

WELCOME: No report

WOODSHOP: Roy Teeter
Roy has inventoried all the equipment and tools at the woodshop and the list is now available on the website. As the availability of a “woodshop” appeals to some buyers, Roy suggested that we return to using that term instead of “workshop.”

The Board has had meetings with the Budget Committee and has reviewed the 2018 proposed budget. A motion was made to accept the budget as proposed, seconded and carried by unanimous vote.

  • On or before Nov. 16, budget packets will be provided to all owners for their study. Ron Dickerson and Dan Keller have worked hard to prepare a new presentation in the hopes of making the numbers more clear. Also, included this year, will be a copy of the first sheet of the updated Reserve Study which serves as a guideline for anticipated major expenditures for the next 50 years.
  • On Nov. 30 at ten a.m. in the clubhouse, all owners are invited to a question and answer meeting about the 2018 budget proposal.  If you have questions prior to the Nov. 30 meeting, please call a Board member or Dan Keller.
  • On Dec. 13 from 6:30 to 7 p.m., the owners will vote to accept the budget. The approval rate must be 67% so we need a 100% response. Proxies will be provided for owners unable to attend the meeting. Helen Terpsma has graciously agreed to organize this important meeting again this year.

Larry announced that he has arranged for a guest speaker at 7:20 p.m. while the votes are being counted.


VACCA Rules and Regulations state that “visitor” parking spaces are for the use of visitors. Residents are expected to park in their 2-car garages or in their driveways. On-street parking is not allowed due to the Fire Marshal rules that require twenty feet of unobstructed passage for fire apparatus. Temporary (an hour or so), on-street parking is allowed as long as the twenty-foot corridor is maintained. (Park on one side of the road only.)

(Owner Dave Twinning states that Oregon law holds that anyone impeding emergency vehicles can be deemed liable if emergency vehicles are not able to arrive in time to prevent a tragedy.)
For medical reasons, a special dispensation was approved for Foster Johns’ truck parked in the visitors space on North Village Lane for as long as it is necessary.


Efforts to stop owners who feed wildlife have cost the Association a vast amount of money for pest control and to repair the damage they cause. VACCA’s lawyer prepared documentation to be added to our Rules and Regulations which will allow the Board to impose monetary fines for continued violations of any of the Rules. A copy of this proposed change to the Rules has been posted in the Clubhouse for the last two months. A motion was made to accept this change to the Rules and Regulations. It was seconded and passed. (Copies will be on the website.)


Jackie Smith, Karen Jackson and the Minklers attended a WCC meeting which was being held to explain the college’s plans for changes to their campus. A four-story apartment building for housing foreign students has been built near the new Cordata Park. The building has been fully rented even before it is finished.
Plans to close Kellogg Road through the WCC campus have been delayed for further study.


Due to our aging infrastructure, Ron Dickerson suggested the Board consider adding $50,000 water/sewer coverage (per unit loss) to our insurance policy at an additional premium cost of $3,062 annually, with a deductible of $2,500. This coverage would cover water or sewer damage only to the residences, not outside pipe work.
A motion as made to add this coverage, it was seconded and unanimously approved by the Board.


Pat Bergner thanked everyone who has completed and returned the “emergency contact” form. Only ten owners did not reply and they will be called on to obtain the information.


There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Lana Mills, Secretary


Attachments: Documentation re: the change to the Rules and