Oct 25

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
October 12, 2017

At ten a.m., President Larry Allen called the meeting to order. Present were Board members Ron Dickerson, Toni Whitmyre, Steve Carney, Claire Gatter, Bob Rose and Lana Mills. Pat Bergner and Henry Mitchell were unable to attend. Also present were 17 residents.

The minutes of the September Board meeting were accepted as written.

As of September 30, 2017 the O&M fund balance was $47,135 and the Replacement fund balance was $112,919. Ron Beall has completed the in-house audit.

Squirrel trapping continues and the wildlife people are also in pursuit of the raccoons. Steve asks that residents do not leave their garage doors open as critters have damaged some wiring in cars. And as the weather gets colder, they will be looking to get inside for warmth.

Please do not feed wildlife and discontinue leaving pet food outside. The Association has already spent $20,000 this year to repair damage from critters. The amount budgeted was $5,000.

At next month’s Board meeting, we will be discussing the proposed penalty system for feeding wildlife and other rules infractions.

Steve says it’s time to put your styrofoam covers in the foundation vents. And please leave one opening uncovered on two sides of your unit to allow air to continue to flow through under the house. All of our places have some moisture underneath, but our floors are insulated so that small amount of air passing through is okay.

CLUBHOUSE: No report

CONDO SALES: Ron Kowalski (via email)
Myra Ferguson’s purchase of the Boechler place (4553A Village Drive) has closed and Mary Magnus’s purchase closed on 1339B East Village Lane (Wilkins).

Larry has posted his report on the clubhouse bulletin board.


Todd and Crew are in summer cleanup mode and will probably mow the lawns only one or two more times this year.
When the guys are working in your area, please don’t ask them for special projects. That’s what work orders are for.
Reminder: Be safe in windstorms and don’t walk under the big old trees. Many have dry, dead limbs high up that could come down.

POOL AND SPA: Nettie Jungers
A chemical imbalance in the spa resulted in its closure for a few days, but it is been corrected and reopened.

The deadbolt on the clubhouse front door malfunctioned and it was discovered to be a failing AA battery. Battery replaced, all is well. Ron Dickerson, Larry Allen, Henry Mitchell and Steve Carney have keys to by-pass the deadbolt, as well as Bob.
Guardian Security is paid to service our security measures every six months.

Bob is asking for a volunteer to be his backup on the Security Committee. Please talk to Bob about the position if you are interested.

Security Committee reports, which include timelines, incident reports and general information, are available on the VACCA website. Click on “Committees”, then “Security”.

RV LOT: No report

SOCIAL: Jackie Smith
On Thursday, October 26th at 9 a.m., Silverado will be serving a free breakfast in the clubhouse. The meal is limited to 50 people, so be sure and get your name on the sign-up sheet at the bulletin board. Recently, the Silverado served breakfast to the VACCA menfolk and reports were very positive.

There will be a Halloween party at 7 p.m. on October 31st. Costumes are fun, but optional.

WEBSITE: Bob Reynolds
Changes have been made to posting of PDF documents for security reasons. Now if you need a copy of a PDF document you will need to select the Download PDF link using the ICON at the bottom of the page.

Upkeep of the VACCA directory can be difficult with the many changes that occur. “Highlighting” changes would simplify the work.

If you are continuing to have trouble logging into the VACCA website, let Bob know and he will email you “how-to” instructions.

Another website class will be held in the clubhouse on October 25th at one p.m.

WELCOME: No report

WORKSHOP: Roy Teeter
VACCA residents are very generous and have donated many tools to the workshop. The collection is extensive, both electric and manual. If you have a project, this is the place. Roy, or Ron Kowalski, will be more than happy to help anyone who needs instruction on the use of the tools.

There are even some garden tools and wheelbarrows available.

Don’t overlook this gem in the RV lot.

After many meetings, the Budget Committee has finished the proposed budget for 2018 and Ron Dickerson officially handed it to the Board for their study. It is hoped that at the November 9 Board meeting, the budget will be approved by the Board and ready to be presented to the VACCA owners.

  • Residents have received a yellow flyer asking for emergency contact information. Please complete the form and return it to the Board by October 25. The form will be stored in the files in a locked cabinet in the clubhouse office that is maintained for each address in the Village. Contained in the files is insurance information, major home improvement records, correspondence, etc.
    A residents recent sudden death in the Village resulted in a search of his file for his emergency contact. The information was missing, which caused a delay in notifying his family.
    Pat Bergner, Claire Gatter, Lana Mills and Bubs Kroll made up a work crew to clean up, update and organize the files.
  • Steve presented a request from the Rendleman’s at 4856B NVL for a concrete sidewalk beside their unit and concrete improvements to their existing patio. This would deviate from the usual aggregate and required approval from the Board. A motion was made and approved to okay the change.
  • Steve received a plan for a deck at 4553A Village Drive (Ferguson) and approved it.
  • Larry reports that a meeting will be held at City Hall on Lottie Street on October 23 at seven p.m. to discuss and review the master plan for changes at Whatcom Community College. Gwen Minkler agreed to attend and will give a report at the November 9 Board meeting.
  • Colleen Adams would like to see a crosswalk installed on June Road. It was decided that the City of Bellingham would have to be approached.

As there was no more business, the meeting was adjourned at 11 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lana Mills, Secretary